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Winston-Salem Skaters

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Anyone who is interested in skating on Saturdays in the Winston-Salem area, please let me know.  We have created a FaceBook group where we schedule times and places.  Search "Winston-Salem Bladers" on FaceBook and join our group to get notified. 


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InlineNC.com Welcomes Emails About Skates and Rides (Skrides)

That's awesome that you made a Facebook group. I hope everyone will check that out. I hope you'll also post your skates (skrides) on the InlineNC yahoogroup at http://inlinenc.com or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inlinenc It's an "old-fashioned" email list where you can get every email sent to the group, or a daily digest of all emails (if any). Also, if you're new to skating and are reading this, we'd love to help you get started or get further along the road, either here at Roadskater.net or at InlineNC.net. Traffic has been a bit light lately on InlineNC, but it picks up when people are skating more. Every way we can reach out to people who want to skate or ride with us is great. Congrats on the group and good luck!

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