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Workout Challenge 'cause I am tired of being fat!! Inline Skate, Run, Swim, Ride Your Bike (Bicycle), Walk, Get Moving

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Kind of been out of the loop for a while, but am determined to get back into it.  I have been procrastinating getting started me training for a triathlon that my wonderful wife signed me up for in June.  I have known about this since my birthday in November, but have come up with every excuse in the book to not train.  Something to watch on tv, too cold, too hot, blah blah blah...we have all heard it.  Well  the end comes today for me.  No more excuses!  This is where the challenge comes in.  Post here what you did for the day as far as exercise.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Friendly competition between friends!  I for one could use the motivation from all of you and I am sure the rest of us could us some motivation too.  I am going to post here as much as I can of what I am doing, and I hope you all will to!  Blake if you have a different place you would rather us post this then let me know.  Can't wait to hear all of your training, races, or stroll in the park.  Craig


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Great thread idea

Thanks for starting this, Northinsouth! I'm tired of being fat too. I know you and I both come from colder climates, but I really think as long as the weather is icy or snowy it's much harder to even want to shed that layer of fat. I feel like I held on to mine like a security blanket. But now that we've been launched into full-blown hot weather (sorry, 86 deg F is hot to me!), I have a natural desire to move more and eat less fatty foods.

I'll be back to post later. It's very motivating for me too to see what others are doing, for how long and how often.

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well since i started the

well since i started the thread, i'll start.  I ran last night for 1.5 hours and did 8.4miles.  Very sore today.  I always try to do too much when I start out for the season.

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Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Skating

I did about an hour at Country Park on Monday; a little less than an hour at Bur-Mil and Owl's Roost on Tuesday (whew it's never been so hard to get back up from the barn to the pool!); and an hour or so but with breaks today. Also today, there were more skaters than I recall seeing in the park since at least 1999 or so, if then. Certainly there were more skate racers there today than I've seen. I counted 20 or so from Piedmont Speed. I was out slogging around while they buzzed through their few laps then called it a day. I'd say some of the younger ones did only two laps or so (5k). Many probably did four laps (10k), and a few did more. I told them about the Eddy workshop this weekend but don't think we'll get takers from this group as most of them don't know much about the outdoor long distance world and they have no idea how much the workshop could help them. One of the guys there that we've seen often at Country Park and at the Tour to Tanglewood (the latter on the bike) might do the workshop. Hope so! In any case it was great to see so many fit speedskaters out at the old Country Park. I hope they keep coming out.

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Started this years training March 7th

24 miles running (wooded trails only)  112 miles skating (closed circuit parks)

Good motivational device Craig!

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12 miles flat

Hey Jack! Good to hear from you.  :-). Wow. You and Northinsouth sure run a lot of miles, but that's not at all surprising!

This week so far:

Monday: 12 mile skate on flat 0.3 mile oval circling the football field. First day back - spent way too long in the red, got a whopping migraine later because of it. 

Tuesday: 11 mile skate on flat 0.3 mile oval.  Scaled it back a bit. No headache later.

Wednesday: 12 mile skate on flat 0.3 mile oval. Kept in the correct zone. No headache.

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Nice mileage accumulation

Nice mileage accumulation Elizabeth!! Leave or Die by the HRM, I think we all can speak from experience on that.

I'm mainly on ups & downs on my courses, hardly ever any cruise. It's almost like interval training, except I don't push hard enough to justify using the word "interval" in my workout description :-)

Average speed skating has been 12.0 mph and Avg. HR 159. Running has been 4.6 mph and 161 bpm. I could maintain a higher avg. speed running on the road, but I like the relatively low impact of running on trails, plus it's definitely more intense for a given distance.

Keep us apprised!

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Bethany and Danny's goal-tracking website

Love this discussion! Bethany and I actually make bets with each other all the time to force ourselves to stick to various goals.  We've been gradually making a website for forcing yourself to stick to goals, tracking, accountability, etc:  http://kibotzer.com.  If you want to try it, mention that you're a roadskater when you fill out the goal part and we'll bump you to the front of the queue (we've had way more demand than we can handle for a while).

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Cool Site!

That's good stuff, Danny! I love the idea of kg's instead of pounds. Graphs work well for tracking weight, by keeping the big picture in mind. There's nothing like a good bet for motivation, too. I usually do better when somebody suggests I can't do something. 

Training progress:

Didn't skate yesterday due to the wonderful rainstorms that washed away some of this pesky pollen. But I did some leg & upper body weight work.

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Apr 13 2010 Tuesday Night Skate

Three of us were out to skate or bike. I did 11.57 miles at anywhere from 9 to 12 mph including talking or boot tightening. Shins and ankles sore either due to new bearings with lithium grease not worked in yet, or post workshop muscle tiredness. It was a good time at the park. Then the garlic & onion pizza was supersweet.

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Apr 13 2010 Tuesday Night Skate

I had to finish writing a report and got there later than I had planned, so I did one lap less than Blake did. But my shins felt fine and it was a nice hour skating, very welcome after doing nothing more active over the weekend than a couple of walking laps around the block. Inattentive pedestrian traffic was a bit of a pain but nowhere near as bad as its been and the weather was pretty much perfect. Pizza was pretty darned good too. It always tastes better after skating.

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Apr 15 Full Extension Skate

In honor of the US IRS Form 4868 and NC D-410 as well as the 1040 and others, we gathered at Country Park for the "full extension" skate (just a silly name based on snapping the leg to full extension on the push). Margaret had her bike and did 6 and Tim and I skated 8. We met a guy on skates who has recently arrived from Panama I think it was, and then someone needed a jump start which turned out to be a need for a tow truck, so I hung about to try to make it feel safer waiting on the tow (and to try the jump starter portable device, then my car, then watch the giant tow truck give it a try to). Hopefully a battery from the AutoZone will do the job.

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Park Skate

Mon - Wed  4/12 - 4/14 - Nothing! Focused on getting roadrash knees healthy.

Thurs, 4/15 light weights: static lunges & romanian deadlifts. Oh and a 2 mile walk (yawn).

Fri 4/16,  10 miles at the park, which was overrun with every 8th & 9th grader in town, so I quit after 50 mins. Felt good to be skating again though. Wore knee & elbow pads to eliminate fear of falling on existing scabs & bruises.

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Prior Week Workout

4/9 - Trail Run 5.0 miles 1:00:50

4/10 - Road Run 5.77 miles 0:57:03

4/12 - Skate/Park Course 15.68 miles 1:12:58

4/13-4/15 Couch Triathlon "Web, Chips, Pepsi"

4/16 13.3 miles  1:30ish  Gooch Memorial Skride

Keep at it everybody! Give yourself a break if you need it.

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3 days and 40.2 miles

13.4 miles at the Gooch Memorial Ride in Burlington at J&L Bicycles 4/16.

8.1 miles at Country Park in Greensboro Saturday 4/17.

18.7 miles with Sparky's Tater Ride from Highwoods Blvd Panera 4/18.

So that's 40.2 miles over the weekend which is OK for April I guess.

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biked to work on 4/17/10 6

biked to work on 4/17/10 6 miles.  ran 4/19/10 9 miles.

was on call last week so couldn't do alot.  

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You're getting some nice

You're getting some nice long runs in Craig! I'm envisioning a half-marathon sometime in my future. Don't really care about time, would just like to do it non-stop. Lots of miles between now and then, however..  Tim, are you doing any running?

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Fine accomplishments all around

Jack, running has been hit or miss for me. I'll run a couple of days and feel like I'm getting into the swing of it, then I'll get occupied for a week or so with other things and when I try to run again it feels like I've never before in my life!

I got skating a couple of evenings last week, an hour or so each time which was beneficial, and I've been getting in a few bike rides here and there when the weather has cooperated.

Thanks btw for the phone call last week about Gooch. I was at the sports car races at Virginia International Raceway all three days this past weekend and never got back to you. No running, skating or cycling there, but I was on my feet most of the time. With not sleeping a whole lot and just grabbing snacks when I had the chance, I think I lost a few pounds which seems almost as good.

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I was in Chicago this past weekend and brought my skates with me. Ended up skating 30 slow miles at Hoffman Estates, IL. The most impressive thing was pulling into the business park (where team Rainbo trains) and seeing pacelines (!!!) of skaters going around. The wind, however, was horrible! I am pretty sure that skaters that live in Chicago did not even think it was that windy, but it was quite strong for me - I am used to having walls of trees where I skate.

Texas Road Rash is next weekend and I am going to be skating the Veloway on Friday! It is going to be a great weekend! :-)

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Cool sight!

That must've been fun to watch - did you skate with them? I hope you have a great race in Texas and fun on the Veloway.

Sat 4/17: 12 miles at slightly hilly park - and slightly hilly park now has a brand new white line down the middle of the trail! So it's fun to try to apply some underpushes here and there.

Sun 4/18: 12 miles at slightly hilly park with new white line.

Mon 4/29: 12 miles at flat oval.

Tues 4/20: Rain! Did some strange plyo jump things I saw Eddy and Patrick doing at the workshop. Hoping to wake the ol' glutes up before I attempt any decent-sized hills a month from now. I think it worked. Here's the closest thing I could find to demonstrate, but I touched the ground between my jumps.

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Recent Skating Miles at Country Park

Here's what I've done lately...

Recent Country Park Miles April 21-29
4/24rained out before starting
4/26 axle problems loctite blue6.49
4/27 axles replaced~10.00

So that's about 94 miles since Sparky's 18.65 mile Tater roll, 112.87 for the 2 weeks so far. Not so fast, but faster than the couch.

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That's a lot of miles, Roadskater!

Here's my more humble tally:

April 21 - 9 miles, flat terrain

April 22 - 12 miles on the flat, throwing in one hill every five mins. The five mins kept coming around really fast.

April 23 - 6 miles Country Park

April 25 - 8 miles Country Park

April 27 - Dryland skate-type plyo jumps, plus an attempt at squat-thrust jumps. Too embarrassing to list how many I achieved but I did attempt 3 sets. Two days later I can NOT walk. Whole new set of muscles!

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Too Cool. Jealous.

I feel wimpy just skating! You'll have to show us some of that stuff. Arrgh. I dread doing it, ha.

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Finishing off a 77-mile Week

I had 2 days to finish the week of 4/25--5/1: 14.71 and 6.62 for 21.33. That makes 76.94 for the week. All skating, mostly my usual slow pace.

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My end-of-April doings

Tues 4/27: Pizza skate, not sure of distance but something like 8 laps/13 miles

Thurs 4/29: 10 laps/16 miles

Fri 4/30: Jogged 2 laps/5k awkwardly in about 30 mins, then switched over and skated 6 laps/10 miles. Then went to Moe's Southwest Grill for the first time and ate a burrito nearly the size of my head. I think I know why they call it "Moe's": because there would be a lot Moe of me if I went there very often.

I need to find some time to deal with wheels. The set currently on my skates have been there for well over a year and have gone from 80mm to probably less than 70 at this point. Skating after running is always a little awkward but it was like skating in mud this time.

Sat 4/30: Rode (10-12 miles?) my red commuter bike (built around the free rigid MTB frame from the Bike Me! Bike Collective that northinsouth and I Sawzall'd the stuck seatpost out of) to the Cycles De Oro Sooper Sale and got a few things.

They had Italian bib shorts priced at half off, which were clearly sized for skinny Italian racers and not for fat American club riders. Size XL is still a little snug on me but I couldn't argue with the price, so there's some motivation to keep working to trim down this summer. And the ones I got are shiny silver too! Not quite low-key but they should look sharp offsetting my various roadskater.net jerseys--as long as I can still fit into them.

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Good shorts are hard to find!

Glad you found some decently-priced, good shorts, Timv. I need new shorts badly and haven't been able to find any.


Here's my update for 2 weeks or so:

4/28 - 12 miles flat oval

4/30 - 16 miles moderately hilly park

5/1 - 17 miles moderately hilly park

5/2 - 10 miles moderately hilly park

5/3 - At-home painful plyos, squat thrusts, etc.

5/4 - 12 miles moderately hilly park

5/5 - Birthday climb up Stone Mountain GA

5/6 - 8 miles moderately hilly park

5/8 - 62 miles Silver Comet Trail, plus a new 5" x 4" patch of butt-roadrash sustained about 1/4 mile into it! Bounced like a pebble across a pond...


And MikeB: that must've been one heck of a hill for you to reach 36.5 on your own! Good job on the 31 miles solo.

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chiming in finally

.Raven Rock Ramble was today.  It was another solo effort but thankfully a couple nice cyclists let me draft a few miles to the 1st rest stop.  Well actually one lady kept trying to lose me but to no avail.  I think the inline wheel sound made her uncomfortable.  (will write about it later - right now I need a nap)

May 2nd            31m            2hrs 34mins       avg spd 11.8        top speed 36.5       avg hr 174     max hr 203

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Me too!

Did Raven Rock Ramble on Sunday, like MikeB, but on my road bike. The weather was a bit breezy but nice... My stats:

63 miles, 3:22 (18.7mph average), hr - 156/175

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Special Northinsouth Sighting

RoadSkater.Net cyclist MB and myself were timvless this eve at Country Park but saw a skater headed our way and it turns out Northinsouth made it out for the Tuesday Night Skate (skride). He was plenty fast of course and I think I did 8 laps (13 miles), he did 7, and MB 6 I think it was. We saw another skater who was pretty good and was probably from a dance skater backgound. He had no boom box but looked like he had skills to do outside edge carves while groovin' to the music. We spoke a couple of times but didn't make a big to do for once. Hopefully we'll see him again. 

Most fun comment of the night, made in reference to the RSN jerseys we wear, "best dressed skater in Greensboro," by a gentleman who walks with his gentlewoman friend most days out there, certainly in the last few weeks. 

On a day of many decisions and some weariness, it was the "yes it does matter" I needed to hear. Pretty cool.

Oh in the same regard, timv & I were out there last week and we had on two different colors of the RSN jerseys (magenta and lemonlime methinks), but we did hear a young gal (7 years old or so?) excitedly say to her adult, "look they're skating in the same shirts!" or some such. The swirl of infinity RSN logo registered on some level it seems. 

When I despair of adult treatment of skaters and skating, I just try to look down at the enthralled grins. I can hear without them saying it, "OH YEAH I want to do THAT!" Kids save me some days. 

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Well like Blake said I did 7

Well like Blake said I did 7 laps at country park on may 5 and ran 3 miles today in the neighborhood.  Bobbi is done this semester so hopefully will be a little easier to get out.



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It was fun to do Country Park Laps...Out of the Loop

Hey! It was fun having you out there northinsouth. I will likely not be there this week for Tuesday Night Skate, so I hope you'll make it out there with timv and M and others, if you like. The park goers may not know what to think if you guys are not out there.

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Country Park Laps

I was optimistic about getting out and maintaining our presence tonight, but when the time came I just didn't have it in me. If it helps any, I sorta doubt that there were many park goers there to miss us. It was a grey and gloomy day with a high temp of about 62 degrees. I couldn't muster the enthusiasm to get myself out the door and I would bet that only real stalwarts would have been there.

But I need to get out there and do something. I've finally gotten all of the spring semester work behind me as of very early this morning, so it's a good time to make a fresh start of it.

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84 miles of skating for 5/2/10 to 5/8/10

It was a strange week, with some off days in terms of weather and willingness. But we got in 13, 9 and 62 and I may have missed a data day either this week or last. Regardless it's almost an A2A in a week, but not by the elevation change by any means. Bay Creek is a nice place to skate most of the time, especially before the sunset cool weather crowd arrive. Even then it's pleasant if I have the right share the trail attitude going.

Bay Creek Park Gwinnett County Georgia USA

Bay Creek Park Gwinnett County Georgia USA

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4 rainy miles running

Late Monday afternoon, all-day rain, it was fairly light when I headed out the door but picked back up when I was a half mile around the loop and held steady the rest of the way. I didn't have a jacket, just a t-shirt on, and the temp was around 60--not really chilly but hardly warm either. I was quite soaked head to toe when I finished.

Physically the run was fine, but mentally it was a chore to keep going. It was that feels-like-I've-never-run-before-in-my-whole-life thing again. I stopped and walked up a few of the hills to break it up, though if anything I think the rain helped me keep going because it was even less enjoyable walking in it than running.

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Run faster to dodge the raindrops

The Father of a childhood friend of mine used to kid us when he got back from a run in the rain ( = English drizzle) that he managed to stay dry because he ran so fast. Took me about five years to realize the flaw in that theory :-).

What have I done?

May 9th - Mother's Day, trek up Stone Mountain, GA.

May 11th - 10 mile skate

May 12th - 12 mile skate

May 15th - 44 mile skate, Tour de Lions.


That's it. Gotta get with it.

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Mythbusters have both busted and confirmed that idea

The TV show Mythbusters tested running versus walking in the rain in the first non-pilot episode and found that they got wetter when running. Then they retested it later with a different methodology and got the opposite result. So I guess you can take your pick of which to believe. It must not be a very significant difference. The difference for me is that I pay less attention to it when I'm running.

Tonight it was overcast though not at all unpleasant at Country Park. There were a few damp spots on the road but no standing water anywhere, and pedestrian/dogwalker traffic wasn't too bad. I got there a little before 6 pm and wound out 16 laps, 25 or 26 miles or whatever we're calling that now, finishing a few minutes after 8 as the daylight was fading away. That felt pretty good, no big complaints though a bit rubbery-legged at the end.

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Drizzle vs Downpour

I'd like to see that Mythbusters episode!  I would think if a person were moving faster he would accumulate or run into more raindrops than if he were standing still - or would he just miss all the drops that would have hit him had he stood still? It would probably vary anyway depending on the rain! It's pretty predictable in the UK...slow, driving drizzle for weeks, whereas in many US states there are more typical Wile E. Coyote pop-up downpours. But then what about evaporation? Hmm...maybe my friend's Dad believed it! Although he's a smart guy - now learning to play electric guitar in his 70s.

An early-week 26 miler isn't too shabby!

While I'm here I'll add:

May 18th: 11.5 mile skate.

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Mythbusters episodes are constantly being rerun, so if you ever have access to basic cable there's a not-bad chance of seeing them. In fact I flipped on the TV this afternoon while eating a sandwich and scanned the dial and Episode 38 was being shown, but it looked like they'd already revisited the rain question. They all appear to be easily available as torrents too.

It's simple enough to work out some basic algebra for the question. (I was going to try to avoid spending time on it, but actually doing it turned out to be less trouble than trying not to think about it.) As it turns out, the front-facing part of your body gets wetter faster as you move faster, but that's exactly cancelled by spending less time in the rain. So for those body surfaces there's no difference.

But the top-facing parts of your body get rained on the same either way, so they get less wet overall if you go faster and get there quicker. That appears to be the only difference, in the most simplistic analysis at least, so I'd say that your father's friend was probably right.

And you should tell him to get lots of fuzz pedals. That's what electric guitar playing is really all about.

Just some walking while shopping to report for me today. Yesterday's skating was my year-to-date highest mileage but a fair margin and I felt a bit stiff.

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Penn State Trail Ride

Thanks for posting this challenge, northinsouth. While visiting friends in Pennsylvania this weekend, I rode a knobby-tired hybrid on a paved trail around Penn State. It would have been run to ride with the skaters. The hybrid made me appreciate my road bike, but the scenery and friendly cows made up for the extra work. I also posted two workouts at the all-girls Curves gym this weekend -- No Makeup, No Mirrors, No Men. What's the fun in that? Well, it was fun and a good circuit training workout. My cycling training this season helped me keep my heart rate up on the circuit (but not higher than 150, Roadskater).

Last night we rounded out the weekend with laps on quads at Penn Skates in State College, PA.

So, total exercise for Friday and Saturday, 4 hours combined of riding, weight training and skating. And another half-pound lost.

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Ladies' gyms

That reminds me of the old Ladies Workout Express gym I joined in a desperate fit in 1998. Although unfortunately they still had mirrors, and hadn't enforced a no-thong rule. Often I have been tempted to feel guilty for never going but as the years go by I become more convinced that joining LWE prompted the Team-in-Training mailer I received in 1999. This set me on the path to skate-obsession, doing more for my butt than any gym ever has.

Ok, RSNBiker. You win! And you haven't even posted all your workouts over the past 6 weeks!

My update:

May 19th: 10 miles Bay Creek skate

May 22nd: 1 hour amble around Tribble Mill park (walking)



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