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WUNC Covers Human Powered Transportation, Fear, Safety, Exercise, Health, Biking, Walking and (Silently) Skating

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I don't know if anyone heard this live, but WUNC had a piece on about bicycle, pedestrian and other human powered transportation issues (OK they said people powered) today. The piece mentioned the American Tobacco Trail, Durham and Raleigh, and efforts to improve safety, since it seems to be the common thread among those who'd "like to" but don't.... Here's the page... http://wunc.org/programs/news/archive/NRHEH0228aBIKE_WALK.mp3/view Here's the mp3... http://wunc.org/programs/news/archive/NRHEH0228aBIKE_WALK.mp3 Sweet. Great job. Thanks, WUNC. Maybe we should thank the reporter (email address on this page)... http://wunc.org/portal_reporters_tool/rose-hoban They mention a "first" meeting. Perhaps they mean our meeting of the unnamed bike, walk, skate, run, wheelchair, roll, whatever group...details here but it's March 2nd, 2008 11am-3pm at UNC–Greensboro Elliot Univ. Center (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/95982085). Yes. Safety is the thing people yell at you as they fly by in their auto which is four times larger and two times heavier than the car they used to putter about in! Skateylove y'all


American Tobacco Trail (Northern Terminus 2008)
West Morehead Avenue at Blackwell Street
Durham, North Carolina
United States
35° 59' 25.7712" N, 78° 54' 22.7376" W
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