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2001 A2A Journals

2001 was the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Athens to Atlanta Roadskate.

Please add your 2001 A2A story to this chapter of the Athens to Atlanta History Project! After you've written and posted your story, use the Outline tab to select "2001 A2A Journals" as the parent of your article. If your story is for another year, contact me or leave it be and I will add a Chapter for that year.

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A2A 2001 report

(Posted this on my website a long time ago... Reposting here for Blake's A2A history project.)


On Sunday, October 7th, I skated 86 miles from Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA. This was the culmination of much training and the accomplishment of a major goal I set for myself over a year ago. It's also pretty cool that, having just turned 30, I'm probably in the best shape of my life.

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