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You know you're a skater when......

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Add you funny thoughts here on how you knew/know you are a skating addict.

Here are two of mine for starters....

- You wonder how you can get a pitch patch of road rash from such a tiny hole in a jersey/shorts etc.

- You want to skate by any potential houses you are looking at to check out the pavement first hand, and consider not buying a house because of the cracks in the driveway.


You know you're a skater when . . .

you imagine, while skating,  you're a dog sticking its head out the car window.  You're all smiles, and it sure feels good, but somehow at (insert your age) you know it's not the best idea.  Afterall, unlike the dog, you've got to go to work in the morning!
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Re: You know you're a skater when...

...whilst NOT wearing skates you can trip over just about anything and still land on your feet! This is a skill I most definitely did not have before learning how to skate.
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How many sets of wheels is that?

I didn't think i had one of these, but I do recognize that when I'm deciding whether to to an expensive skate event or go on a trip for a ride, I'll think, "Wow, that'll cost 4 sets of wheels, plus the set I burn up there!" It may still be worth it to go, but I do notice I think that way.

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