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ZDF Inlinerdays 2007, Mainz, Germany - Backwards Skating 10K World Record set

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Picking on the Germans again. They are doing a heck of a lot in Germany to promote skating. Thanks to Peter Doucet's http://www.speedskateworld.com/ for pointing me over to the latest WIC photos. The 30k speed race took place this past weekend at my old hang-out: Mainz, Germany. I went to look at photos of the course to see if I recognized any of it, and ended up enjoying reading about the whole wacky festival for the weekend, sponsored by local TV station ZDF, called Inlinerdays.


Looks like they packed a whole lot of different types of skating into one weekend! Aside from the World Inline Cup speed races on Sunday, there were:

- Bike/Skate races (6K) - one team member on a bike, the other on skates. The skater is to draft the cyclist so everybody finishes faster. This is also partly to demonstrate how fast one can go on speedskates.

- "Catch me if you can" race (2k) - Not sure how I feel about this one :-). The top speed women are given a 440m head start, and the top speed guys see if they can catch (up to) them.

- Couples Team Timetrial (10K) - with different categories, such as 'married', 'dating', 'lifepartner', etc., A new event for this year. Divorced couples disqualified for whacking each other in the kneecaps..married couples disqualified for not communicating... (jk).

- The 'Bosses Race' (2k) - Comprising various heads, chiefs, bosses, principals, politicians, etc. Emphasis on this one is humor, not athleticism!

There was also a Nordic Skating race, a family skate race (1 parent + kids aged 10 - 15), freestyle slalom races, inline-basketball games (baskateball?), a concert, stunt show, a 1-hour discussion by 'experts' about how to develop skating in 2008, wheel sizes, trick & agressive skate demos, as well as ice- and inline-hockey and ice dance.


On the main page of inlinerdays.speedfuchs.de, is an announcement that Christina Lutz and Rafael Mittenzwei set a new world backwards-skating record for a 10K with a time of 29:53.40. Wow!

Looking at the event photos, the 'bosses' look like they're in pretty good shape!

There is another write up in an online Mainz news site, www.main-rheiner.de, with the subtitle "SpeedFox transforms ZDF facility into veritable Skater's Paradise" (SpeedFox being my literal translation for Mainz & Wiesbaden inline club: www.speedfuchs.de - cool logo, btw) . What caught my eye was the statement that 25 million Germans enjoy skating as a hobby. If inline skating is on the decline, they haven't heard about it in Germany!!


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Trying to Get World Inline Cup News

Thanks for the fun stuff from Deutschland! I've been trying to get news from the World Inline Cup to show up in the news feeds in the sidebar. I changed the sidebar to include more items, like North Shore, but still, the Inline Cup coverage is very limited (at least in English). Mostly it has consisted of Timaru Herald coverage by Stu Piddington (or Piddinton depending on the article, or perhaps Puffpieceington), of Nicole Begg, recently noted elsewhere for taking off something other than seconds, but of course, for the good of the sport. Here are some articles:

In the most recent article, I think it is, I love the part where the sprinter in the breakaway suggests they have enough lead and should back off. Ha! Of course sprinters don't want to work any more than they have to until the finish! Are you racing to win or for a PR time? In long distance races, sprinters have to race to win, not for time (in general), so you'd better break away from them well before the end, eh? And if you're spending too much time up front in a pack, why are you in a pack? Either get back in the pack and live with the slower pace or get away far enough to not be outsprinted (or caught and passed by the pack on the next downhill section).

One last note, which I don't find appalling but I do find sad for our sport, and for sports, in general, and women's sports, specifically. If you go to that site and search for Nicole Begg, you'll get a link to another article about her showing up in a particular magazine soon. The article has a photo of her (they say so but you can't see her face as that must've been unimportant) wearing mid-heel shoes and little else--except for a pair of skates over her shoulders. Guess what brand of skates? I bet you already know. It's a brand that has often used nude photos of women to promote themselves (even in what was once the mild, all ages, FASST magazine). To be fair, you see more on the streets and beaches. So if you like that, yay, go get it.

And if you like your skategirls and skaterboyz with clothes on (at least in public), check out roadskater.net's photos on RSN1.net!

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