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Zenni Optical is a good source for prescription sunglasses

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Frustrated with the very high cost of prescription sunglasses I opted to check out www.zennioptical.com and found some really good deals, especially on performance shades.  My dilemma is fuzzy sight at distances over six feet.  Close up reading distance is fine.  Is that far-sighted or near-sighted?  I don't know,,,,can never keep it straight.  I just know that further = fuzzy.

My local optometrist has really cool prescription shades, performance shades, and sports goggles, but the starting price point was $200 and on up to $400.  That was tough to justify, especially knowing that my shades could be poorly treated from time to time (road debris, dropped, fall off, get thrown in a bag, etc.).  A friend mentioned great luck at zenni optical so I checked it out and found hundreds of styles, including about 15 different sports performance shields and goggles.  This link goes right to wrap-around shades  http://www.zennioptical.com/home.php?cat=27

The most difficult part of the ordering process did not come from zenni but from my local optometrist who was quite unwilling to divulge my prescription and certain eye and pupil measurements, but they relented after I signed an ominous form stating in no way were they liable for my poor judgment in using an online prescription glasses provider.  "okay, whatever, where do I sign?"

Ordering the glasses is quite easy, but first it's best to measure in mm the dimensions of any current glasses so you get a better feel for the dimenstions of glasses you might order, then pick a style, complete some data on eye measurements, add options like anti-glare, level of tint, and finish to 'check-out.'  So far I've ordered two sports sunglass wrap-around shields and have been very pleased.  Each pair was about $40 and arrived in 2 - 3 weeks.   They arrive in a solid plastic case with a cleaning cloth and are ready to wear.

I've been quite pleased with mine, and if the break or I lose them, well.........okay I probably abused them, they were 40 bucks and a new pair can be to me in as little as 2 weeks.


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I have used zenni also, and have been very pleased.  I have a very weak prescription and my glasses we very cheap, one pair I got for $12.  



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