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2 eggs 2 slices of bacon and 2 pancakes for $2.32; Plus Panera Sweet Tea & Free Wifi

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No, this is not about healthy eating, or training, or skating, except that I'll need to think about those things later in the day. I just got back from enjoying an amazing anachronism: breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon and 2 large pancakes for $2.32...and the food was good!

On a day when I needed a little jump start and a bit of home cooking (anywhere but my home since I'd have to go to the store first!), I wandered out to the Carolina's Diner on High Point Road (see other locations here: http://www.carolinasdiner.com/locations.htm). This used to be Jake's, and I've been going there for many years, but mostly late at night when up programming or writing freelance projects. Lately, I've done so less because they don't have a wifi signal, which proves how dependant I've become on having an internet connection to get my work done more quickly and easily.

Anyway, the service was great. They remembered that I had ordered water with no ice last weekend (when this special was not in effect) and brought that without asking. The food came quickly and was hot and tasty, and they took my credit/debit card for this small amount happily. It was just what I needed...a quick, nice, break from home and hunger to get me back to the home office before long and ready to work. So I'd better go do that.

Regarding wifi: I'd like to thank the Panera Bread for the free wifi they provide and would stress that I've ordered many of your sandwiches (http://www.panerabread.com/menu/cafe/sandwiches.php) and soft drinks (and awesome sweet tea no ice) quite happily (especially the Italian Combo without the creamy sauce, using the Gulden's mustard you cleverly provide on the condiments bar) because you are giving me another place to work, discuss, relax and refuel comfortably. Thanks!


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Panera food and wifi

I love Panera's food (Mediterranean veggie is great) and their hazlenut coffee - prices are reasonable too.  The wifi has been a mixed bag at some places around Raleigh / Cary. Some places seem to always have extremely poor wifi, while it works great at others.

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