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2009 Inline Skate Calendar of Events for the Roadskater.net Community will be helpful

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Here it is.......New Year's Eve 2008, and time to plan for 2009 skating events.

A quick check shows: 

  • Great EsSkate in Miami FLA on the weekend starting Friday 2/6/09; 
  • Tdk in Denton NC on Saturday 6/20/09; 
  • A2A in Athens GA on Sunday 10/11/09; 
  • T2T as TBA;  (plus training skrides)
  • Carolina Century as TBA

As the premier online inline group :-)  could we get more indepth confirmation on the above and add to the list with any and all events?

You know, other skates in DC, NYC, Montreal, etc.

This will be helpful and we can rock and ROLL for 2009!


roadskater's picture

Yes Indeed the Calendar is Helpful...Please Add Events!

Hey you're right that a great calendar is really useful. I plan to add events, but all members can add events as well. Just use the Create/Events menu item and include as much info as you can, especially the date and time and location and website. Good thinking!
skatey-mark's picture

Here's what I have so far...

I actually just went through and looked up a bunch of events yesterday... Feb 6-8 - Great EsSkate, Miami Beach FL April 16 - Texas Road Rash April 24-26 - Eddy Matzger Workshop, Greensboro NC May 3 - Raven Rock Ramble, Apex NC June 19-21 - Philly Free Skate June 20 - Tour de Kale July 25 - Cup 'N Cone, Apex NC August 8 - BikeFest, Hillsborough NC Sept 19 - Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth MN Sept 25-27 - Tour to Tanglewood, Greensboro NC Oct 10 - Tour de Pig Oct 11 - Athens to Atlanta Oct 17 - Defi Montreal TBD: March ?? - SkateStrong Workshop, Raleigh NC May ?? - Wolverine Inline Marathon, Detroit MI Sept ?? - NYC 100k Nov ?? - Carolina Century
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SkateyMark Rocks

Thanks so much for sharing those dates. As events approach perhaps skaters can better prepare for transportation, etc.
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2009 Northshore Inline Skating Marathon

2009 Northshore Inline Skating Marathon. The sounds of polyurethane rolling across pavements filled the crisp northland air this morning. It was the 14th annual Northshore Inline Marathon that rolled its way along scenic highway 61 today. Northland's NewsCenter NBC 6, CBS 3, My 9, and Northland CW covered the event. http://www.northlandsnewscenter.com/news/local/59862952.html?video=YHI&t=a
MikeB's picture

very cool news clip

Thanks for that clip GustavoAMH.  This event looks like a ton of fun.
roadskater's picture

What he said

Thanks for the link to the clip.

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