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2010 TarWheels Bikefest Charity Bike Ride August 7, 2010

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[Note: This entry incorrectly corrected then recorrected by roadskater. Thanks to MikeB for posting the event!] The Carolina Tarwheels Bikefest 2010 Rural Heritage Tour will be August 7, 2010, according to their website as of this writing:


The NCBC calendar appears to be wrong on this date.

This is a great event that has been welcoming roadskaters for many years (Northinsouth and I did it almost a decade ago?), and also made a significant gift from the proceeds of last year's event to support the North Carolina Active Transportation Alliance (ncactive.org) in honor of board member, Bruce Rosar, who was a tireless, enthusiastic, open, encouraging advocate of all forms of human-powered transportation, including roadskating. If I have the legs this year, I'd like to do this, but I also have team obligations for training rides for the MS Tour to Tanglewood. We'll see.


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Bikefest is on 8/14

Link goes to the 2009 calendar...

NCBC website shows 8/14 as the date for 2010...


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I think NCBikeCLub calendar is a week off on Bikefest

Please see the original post for my follow-up on this. Seems like August 7, 2010 is right for Bikefest. Thanks for the effort, however!

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