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2012 BMW Berlin Marathon Inline Skate Finish Video

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Per Bill Begg on the Bont forum, this year's Berlin Marathon had a total of over FORTY-EIGHT THOUSAND (!!!) participants! This spread out over skaters, hand cyclists/wheel chair athletes and runners. About 6,800 were skaters. Not too shabby! And they had beautiful weather this year as opposed to the driving rain they had in recent years. The skate portion of this event happened last Saturday, Sept. 29th.

Here's a pretty good video of the final few KMs, of eventual winner Ewen Fernandez of France, and Bart Swings of Belgium, showing the beauty of this sport. 


I'd like to see ALL the footage taken from these cameras during this race. The way these two skate is so pretty, frankly I can't handle it.  

[Roadskater here.... I added a 3D course map and a 3D drivethrough just for kicks (sidekicks, heelpushes)...cool video...






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Funny, I Saw the Running Finish But Not Roadskating

Too strange. I awoke early on this morning and looked to see if there was anything interesting going on in sports. I managed to find the Berlin Marathon coverage and followed the last 30 minutes or so of what looked like it could be a new world record, but missed beating the old record (also set at the fast Berlin course) by a 37 seconds.

By 41km it was clear they had slowed. Geoffrey Mutai was in the lead with another Kenyan, Dennis Kimetto, who had won the half marathon before I think, but this was his first marathon. Kimetto seemed to have plenty left to pass Mutai, but it appeared he deferred to his elder, who been left off the Kenyan Olympic team. Mutai had, at Boston, set the fastest marathon time ever (but not qualifying for a world record due to the point-to-point nature of that course). I could be wrong of course, but I think the commentators agreed that Kimetto seemed content to be on the shoulder of Mutai to the finish. 19-year-old Geoffrey Kipsang of Kenya set a new world record for teens, I believe, finishing 3rd not far behind the other two.

Commentators mentioned that perhaps Kimetto thought there might be a tie, but there was no raised handholding going on, so I hope he knew fully what was going on. I feel confident he did. The commentators said they thought such a thing would not be allowed with this much money and this many series points on offer (or something like that). 

The women's event was less spectacular as I recall, somewhat fuzzily. I think the coverage switched to the under-17 women's world cup football soon after the first few women crossed the line. 


I note the roadskaters appear to have made a deal to finish strongly together then signal a tie with hands held aloft. But I think one of them was declared the winner, per the results page. Again I hope they knew what was going to happen with that! 

The two finished in 1:04, or 26mph average. That's a fast course with fast roadskaters. 


Funny I had started to write about a NZ roadskater winning in Lyon, France...


If you find more video, please comment. It was great, especially after having seen the running finish Sunday morning around 330a or so. 

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More Berlin Marathon Skate Videos

Here's another (less fun) video taken from a static point on the sidelines, of many more skaters, not just the winners. Good quality camera, looks like. Those are some long pacelines!

How would you like that giant clock to be just a few feet ahead of you all day? 


Here's a good one, with what looks like video shot of the different waves of starters. I see the skaters get more 'upright' the further back in the field it gets. 


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Three-Part Uncut Video of Entire Berlin Marathon Inliner Version

Here are three videos consisting of the entire event from the roadskater's eye view...


1 of 3



2 of 3



3 of 3



The men's race hightlights (running)


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Thanks for finding those!

Great that somebody videoed the whole thing, and great that you found them. This might be good slide-board fodder for winter time training if locked inside during extreme cold weather (45 deg F, in GA). 

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Oh Yeah. Pottybreak Personal Best and Women's Viddy

Also, I forgot to note that in the running race, the fastest German Male set a personal best, despite taking a portapotty break along the way, which was...televised...to some extent. Here's a vid that doesn't include the whole run for the border but does show the escape... and has some otherwise good snippets...


And here's a women's marathon video that starts out with the same clips as the men's does. 


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