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33 Soaked Sometimes Slippery Silvery Comet Miles and Briefly Looking Back on 66 Miles and a Trick for Skate Boots Too Big

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[Last Friday, eebee and I skated 66 miles (some might say more but that's close enough) on the Silver Comet Trail, from Mile 0 at Mableton near Nickajack Elementary, to Coot's Lake Station (where the old station was, where now there is a convenience store). Since we had done 50 two days earlier, there was not very much new to recount, or I had few braincells for recounting. We saw some wild turkeys, the tunnel was not muddy or wet, Dallas is getting our love for that much better water fountain at the back of the restroom building (I think there's a similar fountain at the back of the building in Hiram too, but I have not been up to the shelter in Hiram this year. If you make it to Brushy Mountain Tunnel, you might consider pushing on 3 or so more miles down to the store at Coot's Lake. Yes, you have to come back up, but it's likely you'll be refreshed. Now to what I wrote about today...roadskater.]
Some great plans stay inflated. Some leak a bit, are challenged, deflated, must be rejuvenated, and failing that, done anyway. Today was thus. All the joy can seem lost in the tumbling down anticipation of a glass about to break. The buzz can fizzle. This might be why there's walmart on the way to every skate place it seems. A place to get a couple of things or let some weather pass or do a check on desire to spend gasoline on a given day.
So yes after minor delays and micro depressions I made it out to the Silver Comet and thought, well, good, I waited out the storm! Blue skies above and warm sun greeted me in the parking lot, but the algae living on the trail under the pinestraw was lying in wait. After a failed test at a different way of booting up, combined with some slippy slidey skating, I stopped at mile 3 or so to go back to the old new way.
[My skate boots being a bit large, I don't like to wear a neoprene bootie as I don't like anything extra under my feet, feeling it gives less control, causing more strain on my shins and ankle muscles, if there are such things. So what I do is leave the bootie or can holder flat and wear it between the tongue of the skate and the top of my foot. If your shins or ankles have been hurting, your boots might be too loose, and this might be worth a try.]
So the new old way (thicker neoprene on top of my feet) was definitely better. [But remember that the Walmart neoprene can holders were $1 each and you might be able to make a bootie out of those...or not...don't know. In this case, thicker material was better, so check out those body wraps that surely don't work but have big sheets of neoprene and some velcro you can hack off and use for something maybe.]
Shortly after resuming it was raining but that was ok. I prefer rainy pavement to half dry usually. Once up to mile 4 where it's level I didn't need any adjustments. So it was on and eventually up across the minipeak, before the painted-over chevrons, where it is usually damp and slick.
I was settled on rolling regardless of weather. I think it stopped raining for a while and I ventured on having the trail much to myself except for a few cyclists and two guys working the trail cleaning machines for two different counties.
eebee was scheduled to be off work but we didn't know exactly when and by the time she was out we decided to meet at coot's lake station (store), then for her to skate back with me, then we'd go get her car. About the time we arranged this it was raining lightly out around the gap at 17 where the rail line crosses under, and it was raining at 20 and at the trestle. When I went through the opening under the huge power lines at 24+ it must have been sunny for a while because I remember it felt like an oven and I was the pork.
Between 24 and 31ish I saw more wild turkeys and their little turkettes than I did people. I kept leapfrogging the polk county trail dude as he had dropped his "computer" and never found it, and was also doing some brush removal near, well, Brushy Mountain Tunnel. This time I did not fail to see that lake on the left well before the tunnel, which we had both failed to see on the way out last week when doing our 66 miler.

It was pretty wet going up to the tunnel the last mile or two, and all the miles, three and a bit, from the tunnel to the store. I was hitting puddles now and while my feet had stayed dry most of the first 30, they were squishy now. Taking the left to go to Coot's Lake Station I realized eebee was not there yet, and I saw a fellow sitting on the bench out of the rain eyeballing me as I made an arc into the lot. He was watching for some entertainment, as he admitted, thinking I might have hit that curve too hot for the damp surrounds. He said he had "laid the bike over" when he was 65 or when he was going 65, I never figured which but knew both were bad, and as this soaked into my spongebrain he moved as if to pull up his sleeve to show me gnarlidermis but then instead pointed to his motorbike. Well this fellow was well-preserved but well-older than me too. So I had to sit and yak because you don't meet interesting folk all that often in the rain, and we swapped road rash stories while I waited for him to get a chance to meet eebee, which I knew both he and she would enjoy. 

I went in briefly to say hi to the woman that works at the store, whom we had seen last week, and decided to give her ears a rest this time, so I went back outside.
Then the deluge commenced. Then eebee rolled up in the true violet jersey and some baggy fashion slacks from work. Well they talked as we decided it was just as likely to be skateable back at Mavell Rd Mile 0 as it was there. I was wanting to take my skates off but I had realized I had a secret...a magenta toenail on my right foot underneath that dirty sock. Well I guess I had to just admit that I had been a bit bored waiting to go somewhere the day before and had painted one big toenail magenta, and the other one red (but didn't like that one because I muffed it and it looked like a toenail injury...so next it's going to be sparkly blue for that one...gotta protect the big toenails you know, skaters do).
Well the fellow had just met eebee and could see our interactions, and we had already talked enough to be pretty comfortable, but when I showed him my magenta big toe he said "I'm glad we talked a bit before I saw that!" in a great, funny, kind way. It turns out this guy was on his way to help out at a food shelter in Dallas when the rains convinced him to park it for a few.
So after a good time of taking it easy out by the bench and me getting less waterlogged, we said goodbye to our moto friend and drove back along the road that intertwines with the silver comet much of the way back.
We stopped by audrey's and learned that they're open m-f 7a-2p, not sat, but open sun 8-230p. Good news! Yum. We peered through the window at the menu in the dark cafe, salivating at the whiteboard and wishing for lights on and doors unlocked.
Back at Mavell rd., we walked down to see that the trail was mostly dry and pretty clean. And then it sprinkled, then rained a bit, and we heard rumblings, in our stomachs. So we went to the U.S. Cafe for burgers (thanks Tomb ha we went without ye) and goofed around looking at traffic on yahoo maps, then decided to leave and faced the outside to see zapping bolts and lines of rain. We sat on their porch and watched lots of stuff not us get hit by lightning. We calculated we'd be finishing about now and would have been soaked unbeliveably had we skated back from Coot's Lake Station.
So there's 33 more miles on skates and some adventures. Thanks to eebee for coming to skate with me and ending up giving me a ride instead. Maybe tomorrow morning we can do some more!

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