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67 More Miles Makes 211 in 4 of the Last 11 Days on the Silver Comet Trail...Can We Smooth Out That Concrete a Bit?

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Well the time I have off for long distance skating on the Silver Comet is gone for now. I blew it some days and let the weather forecast stop me. But I got in 4 sessions of 50, 66, 33 and 67 miles. More info later (maybe!), but for now, let's just say my wheels are flatter and maybe my feet too. I've put the miles into my newest skates and have worked around some challenges there. I'm not dropping pounds like I want too, because I seem attracted to carbs right now (as always)! There are some more stories to tell about people we met and random thoughts. 

The main and repeated thought is how wonderful the SCT would be if we could get that concrete paved with asphalt, or at least if there could be a serious effort at smoothing the roughest parts. I know the surface is there to make it less slick in the rain (or I believe so), but there are plenty of concrete bridges we've skated on that were both safe and smooth. I doubt this will ever happen as cyclists may not notice the roughness (tire wear?). 

Our biggest thanks is for the bridge at mile 10, which made a miserable exercise in downhill into traffic with grass with rocks in it jumbled mess into a sweet roll over a safe bridge. That's the biggest improvement for last year. 

The biggest improvement this year is thanks again Dallas for giving us drinkable cold water from the fountain at mile 20! We WILL come spend money in your town!

Oh and there's a supersweet dream glide of what could be on a new concrete section just at the west edge of Hiram, I believe. It is a smooth newly improved section (after storm damage perhaps) lined with saplings. I believe they cut back a lot of trees and opened it up quite a bit, along with providing a heavenly stroll roll on the concrete section. 

52 of my 211 miles were on asphalt, which can have its problems too where trees are allowed nearby and overhead (roots under, cracks in the direction of travel where the crown breaks, moss and leaves where trees overhang too much), but the asphalt skating is really a different sport from this particular rough concrete skating at times because the glide is so different. But it's beautiful out there, and we'll suffer the vibrations for the sensations.

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