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72 Miles for Freedom in 5 Days! Skate/Bike Ride to Fight Human Trafficking and Help Victims: May 26, 2012 8am Mableton, Georgia

sorry i haven't posted on here in awhile. As you know its a full time job keeping up with volunteers and media for an event...

www.72milesforfreedom.wordpress.com or @72miles4freedom on twitter (notice number 4)


Here is our promotional video.  We have a good amount of skaters that have joined so far. 40+ participants including the skaters, walkers, runners, cyclist.  The Group Ride is free, but we are asking for donations for www.wellspringliving.org (type "72 miles" in comments when giving). If the embedded video code doesn't work you can find video at vimeo.com/42252569 (or search for #72milesforfreedom on vimeo.com).



The event is May 26, 2012 starting at 8:00 am mile 4.3 Silver Comet Depot and turning around at mile 40.3 in Rockmart. You can skate, bike, run, walk, etc any portion of the trail between miles 4.3 and 40.3 (Mableton and Rockmart)


We will have a booth at Frankie's Italian in Rockmart if you are out and want to stop in for some fuel! (email 72milesforfreedom@gmail.com for other booths in Hiram and Dallas)


Who knows what is next... Like eebee I think I will keep training for some other events... Maybe the Century or Road Rash...


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Perhaps We Will See You On the Trail But...

Hi. It is great what you are doing and it seems to be getting a great response. eebee and I were thinking of trying to show but it is uncertain and seems less likely the more I try to skate on either my new or my old skates. Long story it is but let's say I have had to do a lot of experimenting and the results have been not so great. More on that later perhaps. Maybe a day off will help if I think I can do that. We will see but we will be thinking of you on the day whether we are there or not! Congratulations and having a vision and implementing it! Skateylove, Amigo!

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