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8 weeks to the first T2T training ride!

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I think it's about 8 weeks from now until the first T2T training ride of the year. I think they are going to start the weekend after July 4th but I will update that when I know for sure! Of all the skate rides and events I look forward to each year, I think I love these training rides the best, as the staff and riders are so friendly and welcoming. Do they care if I'm still out of shape even though it's summer? Heck no. I always try to get in shape for the getting-in-shape-training-rides, but I never do.


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I wish I was closer to you

I wish I was closer to you guys so that I could come along. We have very few "road" events in Michigan - due to our terrible roads and horrible drivers - so do most of our training in the parks, which just isn't the same. Looking forward to the long winding roads in September though!

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