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80-year-old Skates Cones and Downhill Skiing Competitions

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Ha! I love to hear of folk older than me still out there inline skating. At the recent great free SkateDC weekend, we met a guy who's going for 87 miles this year at Athens to Atlanta (A2A). I can't recall his age, but he's in his 70s methinks. I had met Jim at Miami GreatEsskate a few years back. I'll see what I can find out and we'll follow his progress! Anyway, the guy in this newsie is 80 now it seems, still skiing in downhill cometitions too! Enjoy, Blake

A regimen beyond his years - Logan Herald Journal -

A regimen beyond his years
Logan Herald Journal, UT - 1 hour ago
... has enough energy to train with weights, ride his mountain bike, and he likes to set up orange-cone courses in church parking lots for his inline skating drills ...

[Inline Skating]


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We should get him to join

We should get him to join our T2T team!
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How does a person get so

How does a person get so much energy? What a great attitude.

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