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Great meeting Blake and Elizabeth at A2A around mile 15-20. Roadskater is responsible for helping me get back into skating and getting the proper skates, wheels etc to skate distances.  I completed my first road skate by doing the 38 mile option of A2A on Sunday.  The hills and roads were rough, but we made it through and the weather was great.  Thank you again for your assistance back in april and may when we did our first charity event 72 Miles for Freedom.  The group ride is on the Silver Comet Trail and you do not have to complete the full 72 miles... You may also run, bike, walk, or longboard.  Our next one is March 23, 2013 and you can register and get more information on active.com at http://bit.ly/Qs1X1E


I am excited to see all the pictures you guys took from Athens to Atlanta! I saw you finish, but I was driving out of the skatepark when you were rolling in.


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I didn't know that was you...

I'm so sorry! I had no idea that was you, as when you came up behind us (before passing us) and you told Blake who you were, I didn't hear anything due to the wind in my ears, and the pain accumulating in my left ankle/shin (lace bite). 

Sorry for not at least giving you a more enthusiastic hello. I was in hell and stayed there the next seventy miles. I will post a self-pitying write up at some point.

Congrats on your first Athens-to-Atlanta (Dacula) 38 miler! Those hills going into Dacula are no picnic. 

no problem

no problem eebee Good job on finishing in pain! Excited to see all the pictures roadskater took!


off to work...

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