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All set for NYC 100K !!!

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Okay...  Time for my first race of the fall!  All the training, dieting, and insane amounts of time spent on skates have led up to this.  Ought to be a great indicator of how the other races (Duluth, A2A, Defi) will turn out too.


I decided to give myself a new aerodynamic racing haircut too...  Check it out!

Just check out that that determined look!  LOL!

- SM -


eebee's picture

Race Face!

Mark?! Is that you? Now that's a race face! Yep, you're ready alright! Now get your killer hawk going and you're all set. I'm looking forward to the NYC 100K now and I'm not even in it.
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No More Mr. Nice Guy Haircut

Yo! Oy! Now that's a determined look you've got there laddie, no doubt! They'll not be wanting to mess with ye now, eh?

I can't wait to hear stories from the big city (since I once more can't make it). You and skart will set the town alight figuratively I am certain with your spanky skatin' and skateylovin' ways. Don't forget to rope some skaters down our way for T2T if you can! Registration is open still, it's just that after 5 PM Friday (today) you have to pay when you sign up. An alternative is to bring donations to sign up on site the first day of the event, perhaps (we'll have to check on this option, but it might save paying more from one's own pocket than able to).

Looking forward to stories from the road or once you return and rest!


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