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Almost Naked Skaters Rocking and Rollerblading (Inline Skating) with Motorscooter in Minneapolis

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OK. I just said "almost naked" to get your attention. These guys are less naked than many men on euproean beaches, from what I hear. It's really a combination joke on the movie title, Almost Famous, and referring back to discussion on someone promoting skating with nudity. I have a double standard about skin and skating. If it's the typical sell it with a naked person (typically, it seems, a woman) trying to be so hot, I don't like it. Selling skating with nude photos seems cheesy to me, and doesn't really reflect well on the sport or the manufacturers. That's just my take on it and I uphold your rights of course. However...

If it's a couple of guys (or gals I guess) goofing around like kids in underpants who don't seem to be trying to be hot, it doesn't phase me for some reason, perhaps because I'm indifferent enough to not feel the selling going on. This romp of a video has a hey hey we're the Monkees feel I think and it works as a fun piece of fluff (the song is darker and more desparate of course). The action punches up some decent lines in the song, and except for worrying over them falling, this is fun.

No helmet? No other guards? OK another double standard. I always think it's best to wear a helmet and palm sliders at least, but I like this viddy anyway. But please, protect the domes, OK?

Jared should like this...skates and a motorscooter and skating with strange clothing on. Altogether a sweet piece of pop audio and video. Check it out!

Starts up with a couple of jumps that might not be hard in pads and jeans but ouch in the superman briefs I hate to think of it! The crossovers aren't too deep but nice T-stops and synchronized skating...and bunny action too. The shorter (height) guy has his left buckle undone much of the time. Little bit of a reverse crossover there, so maybe there's hockey playing or figure skating on ice somewhere in the dark past?

Wait a minute, it gets better at 1:28. These guys are better than they've been letting on. And up to this point, no dolly moves (or handheld or moving point-of-view) with both of them in the frame, so the vast majority was likely created by just the two of them, or could have been.

And great climax on the title word, last syllable, at 1:36 or so. Great blend of action and rhythm. So is that a backward video trick? Else how could he grab that pole? Sweet! I like the post-Wilco/Sun Volt open crunch dual high/low guitar jangly rhythm section.

I like the climbing the stairs section, the chickening out but doing it anyway, and the final spins.

I picked this link up from http://www.mnspeak.com/mnspeak/archive/post-4136.cfm where there's an idiointeresting discussion of fuitbooters and other such anti-skater stuff with replies from let's-all-get-alongers.

Point well taken, however, that we need to keep on our half of the path and show courtesy for others whatever their mode. And if we keep single file it helps a lot.

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