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America's Cup World Series Short Course Sailing and Giro d'Italia Pro Cycling Showcase Italy Beautifully

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This should be quick but I wanted all to know that two human (and wind) powered sports are shining brightly in Italy. 

First, thanks to timv for (elsewhere) pointing out that youtube channel americascup is showing live feeds of the races from Venice. Briefly, this is a series of events in different cities with shorter courses and some new rules to keep the action in a smaller space with more potential interactions among boats. You get to see a couple of races in a couple of hours or so, often, and they sail for several days in once region, collecting points along the way for a season win. These are nimble double-hull boats and the action is fun. The technology of the broadcast help illustrate what is happening and the announcers know their subject, or are at least long-time sailors learning this new format. And Venice was beautiful on Friday's broadcast (as I would assume it is always). Day 1 was outside the harbor a bit, in choppier water. Day 2 was inside with smoother waves and a tighter course. 

Day 1: Live Racing from Venice (plus some introductory material)


Day 2: Live Racing from Venice


Day 3: Live Racing from Venice


Day 4: Live Racing from Venice


Also showing off Italy's beautiful landscapes is the GIro d'Italia. I've not been watching much, just following along loosely in the righthand column of roadskater.net and clicking if there's something interesting. It has been a sprinter festival of course in the early stages, but Saturday they start into the more mountainous stages. If you don't have cable coverage, you might check out Steephill.tv for links to broadcasts in various languages. Also note that Steephill.tv has no-spoiler mode by default, which means you usually won't figure out the winner even after the event unless you want to (with some exceptions where who is interviewed gives it away). Great job, nice links to photos, and links to coverage. Nice. 

Let's see, also tomorrow is the UEFA Champions League football championship game, which, thanks to FOX is on live over the air at 2pm. Sweet. They'll be playing in Germany, and not showing off their beautiful countryside or coastline views. It's hard to see how Chelsea can win especially without some key players, against Bayern Munich, at home, but OK, it was hard to see how Chelsea would get this far anyway. 


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Some Good Giro Viewing

This link is for almost an hour of Eurosport (knowledgeable) coverage of the end of a lesser mountain stage without a mountain top finish...but with some of the top riders in a small group up front...

This link is a summary of an almost all downhill day with a sprint finish where you see something you don't see often these days...

More links here...

  • Tomorrow Stage 19 will have three Cat 1 and one Cat 2 climbs in the last 100K.
  • Saturday Stage 20 will go from a low of 375 metres (1230 feet) to the high of 2757 metres (9045 feet) in the last 90km. The last 70km includes one Cat 1 and one HC climb.
  • Sunday's Time Trial is relatively flat. 

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