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Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 87-Mile A2A Road Inline Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map

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Our 9th official skating of the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate (not including two unofficial traverses in 2005) was on a warm and sunny day one might have expected a month or so earlier. I knew I'd be feeling the muscle cramps in my quads eventually but that didn't stop me from being overly excited at some points early on.

Still, we got together a group doing roughly one-minute rotations and mostly stayed together for a long time. Unfortunately our dozen or so turned into two six-packs, which I think slowed most concerned down in the long run, with only two to four actually making their break stick. We recollected some later, and lost two dear ones to equipment failure and use of non-standard hardware by the manufacturer such that the wrench sent back to them by car (a good samaritan!) was useless. As the day wore on we had four to seven or so, and with the final climbs that settled into four.

We finished without a lot of pain and took over six hundred photos along the way, with 520 being perhaps worthy of inclusion here.

Check out my photos here...

Check out the 3D thumbnail map here...view a 3D satellite slide show of the photo thumbnails...

  • Start Google Earth, use the Tools menu, Options, Touring Tab, and set...
    • Fly-to-Speed = 5 (fast) or whatever you like
    • Tour Speed = 5 (fast) or whatever you like
    • Tour Pause = 1 sec. (or however long you'd like each thumbnail to pop up)
    • Hit the OK button
  • Type Ctrl-Alt-P or use Tools / Play Tour.


Check out the color speed route map with 88 autolaps (at each mile and the finish) as map pins...click and grab and zoom and play with it to get more info...

I hope you love 'em, and read more here...and write about A2A or comment on others' writings or on photos. Also it would be great to collect links to photos from other places.

Please plan now to join us in 2009 for Athens to Atlanta. It's the Grandskatey of them all in the USA.


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Oh Drool! I'll take a left in yellow and a right in blue, please... http://roadskater.net/photos/athens-to-atlanta-roadskate-a2a-2008-87-mil...
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A2A details look SWEET

Pics show it all - great weather, great time, great looking roads,,,,,I'll have to try this next year. Honestly, it seems to be one fantastic event. Now I'm kicking myself for passing it up. 87 seems like a haul but the 38 is do-able and potentially the 52. It's your fault Blake - you should have pushed me harder. (wow, how's that for not taking personal responsiblity?!)
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You Are Right It Is My Fault

Ha! MikeB you skated a tough one at Tour de Kale on a smokin' day of blazesun heat. After that, the hockey matches seemed to get in the way, and when we went out for hills often North of Greensboro, I think you could not find a rideshare when gas cost way much. But get ready for next year's Tour de Lions, Tour de Kale, Tour de Tammy, Free T2T Training Rides, and Tour to Tanglewood (if you want). If you do those, you'll be ready for 87 by October I bet. There's no good reason not to try 87, and we may have something soon for you to try close by...oh and there's a skater friendly ride next week in Greensboro on Sunday, 20, 40 and 60 miles for $25 to benefit MS. Thanks for the comments. If you have fave photos, I'm always interested in those. I take the same pictures every year in some respects, but they come out differently too.
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I'm so in.......

You are so right.  And I'm so in.  More road miles is what I need, and I learned quite a bit from reading Johnny's and Skatey-Mark's A2A postings.  Strategy/forethought/preparation - it all goes into an event like that.

I was so new at TdK - and that was a tough & hilly course with less than ideal pavement.  I remember the one section of perfectly new blacktop - it lasted 30 yards.  I wanted to punch a DOT worker for that tease.

But I'm a little frustrated - finding time to work in skating is proving to be a challenge; no one truly local to skate with; and the skates give me no trouble up to 12 miles, 20 miles with strategic foot taping and 25 miles with heavier taping so I need to experiment with some comfort options.

 But with that said: weather permitting, I'll skate whenever possible, just need 50+ degrees and a little sun would be nice.  So over winter months I'll be making a go of it on the roads + hockey will keep me in shape just fine.

I might be able to do 20 on Sunday, 40= a maybe, 60= no way, hockey game that night and would have to save some in the tank.

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workshops are invaluable

Improving your technique will help with the foot issues as well.  A little taping is okay - a lot of people do it to prevent blisters.  But you shouldn't need lots of it, and certainly not heavy taping.  That is, assuming your boots fit reasonably well.


I'm hopeful that we'll get Eddy Matzger back in Greensboro in the spring.  If we do, you should definitely try to make his workshop.  I just can't say enough good things about it.  I'll be there if I don't have any conflicts for that weekend.

I'll probably teach a 1-day workshop in Raleigh again as well, so that's always an option too.  I'll try to schedule mine a few weeks before Eddy's, to get people ready for his 2-day workshop...


- SM - 

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20 40 or 60 Miles This Weekend

There's a skate/bike ride (skride) in Greensboro this weekend, and I think it's on Sunday. Proceeds to the MS Society. This is a new one, so I don't know the details, but I do know they have specifically said at least three different places that it's skater friendly. We'll likely be there for 40, or 20 if we wimp. Probably not the 60 but if they are going to be around a long time, who knows. Eebee and Skatey-Mark make good points regarding workshops and such. I think Eddy will be back next year too. I spoke with Bobward on that at A2A on Friday at the skate. But we'll need to get signups to keep him coming back! When you're getting used to roadskating, nothing works like roadskating, so come on out this weekend if you can. If anyone has a link for the info for this weekend, please let us know here.
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Great photos

Yeah I think Roadskater outdid himself this year on the photos! There are so many of our various pacelines and many more this year of the 'no man's land' section of the course - the scorching hot 15 miles between Lawrenceville (rest stop 4) and Stone Mountain (rest stop 5). Roadskater must've been feeling fine and dandy the whole way this time. There are also way more of the post-finish line antics and attendees.
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Thanks for the Encouragement...Still Learning

My new (to me) little Sony DSC-W120 is a step down from the DSC-W170 I tried out for a week or so. The eBay seller of the DSC-W170 had a money back guarantee and stood by that nicely, so I went for a camera I would worry less about scratching or damaging. Aside from the shift from red to powder pink, the lens in the W120 is a bit faster, megapixels are a bit less, burst mode is a bit faster (still slow by burst standards), videos about the same, lens quality similar (there's some barrel effect I think in the wides), and the options and menus are a bit different. I think I still like the photos of the old DSC-S50 (the third or fourth I've owned after being stolen or dropped) better in some ways (color perhaps warmer), but I did EXTENSIVE comparison tests as the days closed at Country Park simulsnapping and studying the results, and the new cams are a bit better and stopping the blur when in the right mode and such. But then again, the tiny size of the DSC-W170 means I can carry this camera almost all day in my palm-slider covered hand and miss fewer shots. It fits more easily in the jersey pocket, and boots up much faster than the DSC-S50. I find I can get lots of angles shooting upside down using the ring finger for zoom and middle finger for shutter. I'm still getting used to aligning the camera with the horizon and holding it still...it seems harder to hold the smaller device still. The only real annoyance is that some modes don't let you specifically control the flash and I'm still learning which ones force it on or off or decide for me. I was getting some good results in the twilight portrait mode which flashes the subject then reads exposure from the scene not including the flash, or something like that. It helps to freeze the subject or at least highlight it while letting other things whir by. There's lots to learn but this was a demo unit from a big box electronics chain that I bought on eBay so the first scratch won't hurt so badly and if I drop it the exposure (ha) to financial ruin is more limited. I miss the red W170 only for the color of the outside, the very slightly larger but definitely sharper display (not a big deal), and the extra pixels. I wouldn't use the pixels for bigger photos much at all, but would use them for the "smart zoom" which is a cooler digital zoom mode that lets you zoom in without losing quality like the other digital zoom mode does. The 170 had a 5X lens and the 120 has a 4X, but really, I can hardly hope to hold those steady on skates even with steady-shot going. I'm still learning as I say, but I bought extra batteries that last longer so I can use the continuous focus monitor mode and the steady-shot all the time. I'm still figuring out when they're on and off in various modes. The batteries are tiny, and I needed all three for the full day of A2A from sunrise to sunset and beyond, but three were enough. Having 4M of memory when shooting at 3MP is nice (the DSC-W120 does 7.2 I think it is, but 3MP is the most I would want, and I may even use a smaller 16:9 ratio size). The S50 had a 15 second limit on 320x240 video, but the W120 has something like a 10-minute limit if at all, with two 640x480 modes. The only BIG beefs are I would like to have a finer compression option as the pixels don't look as clean as those on the S50, and I'd like to have a sports mode that insists on a fast shutter speed. I think the W series is intended to be point and shoot and pray and it is good at that. I could have bought something else, but I wanted Sony, Zeiss and tiny, so we'll have a go with it. It has been superfun so far. The blur is annoying but by my tests, I was already dealing with that before with the S50. Thanks for the kudos. I know you looked at every single photo, and have examined thousands of skateypics on my site and lots more. Glad you liked them after putting up with the slowing and distraction the camera inserts into skating...sometimes quite happily.

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