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Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 Friday Night Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map

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I'm working my way through hundreds of photos from Athens to Atlanta weekend. Here's what I have for the Friday Night Skate: Check out the speed map...a topo route map with speed in different colors...red is slow, magenta is fast... http://roadskater.net/photos/athens-to-atlanta-roadskate-a2a-2008-friday... View the thumbnails of the Friday night skate photos on a google earth 3d route map... http://roadskater.net/photos/athens-to-atlanta-roadskate-a2a-2008-friday... Visit the classic roadskater.net photo pages... http://roadskater.net/photos/athens-to-atlanta-roadskate-a2a-2008-friday... If you enjoy these, I'd love to hear which ones, and if you'd share your experiences on roadskater.net, that would be the best of all. (RSN1.net takes you to the photos, and RSN2.com takes you to the social networking site.)

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