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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2009 A2A Detour Video

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Hi. Here's a noisy but perhaps useful video of the detour around the problems on Cruse Road. You definitely don't want to go there! The first turn is a right onto Old Norcross Rd in or just after a Construction Zone on Herrington. At the end of the video, you'll be set to turn right onto Pleasant Hill Rd., opposite where you would have come in from Cruse Rd.

You can try the Roadskaterdotnet youtube channel to see if the files have uploaded (there will be 3)...

Detour video 1:

A2A 2009 Detour Video 1/3

Detour video 2:

A2A 2009 Detour Video 2/3

Detour video 3:

A2A 2009 Detour Video 3/3

Thanks! I hope this helps somebody. Skateylove Yes!

a2a-2009-cruse-road-closed.jpg301.98 KB


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good to see the detour

Whoa....not a gap that can be leaped. 

The video is a great preview of what to expect.  Although, at 2.00 min.mark, with the sun blazin' and such, perhaps stopping the street vendor for a fudgecicle would have been a good call..........that, and at the 3.50 min.mark you rolled the stop sign.  Other than that though ---- looked good.  ;-)

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Hardly F1...

...but with my gear changes, probably just as loud :-) I *SO* wanted to stop that guy and buy one! I didn't think my 12 year old clutch could handle many more shifts, hence the rolling stop sign. Excuses excuses!

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