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Atlanta Braves Baseball Pitcher Tom Glavine can't... SKATE... today?!

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When it comes to Dion Sanders, Michael Jordan, and many other athletes I've never heard of - some people have more than their fair share of professional-sportness! Reading some Atlanta Journal-Constitution headlines this morning I did a double-take, thinking my sleep-deprivation had hit an all-time low: "Glavine Ill, can't Skate Today". I sometimes misread words like 'steak', and 'shake' as 'skate', but Tom Glavine and 'Skate' in the same sentence?

Turns out Glavine, destined to become a well-loved young pitcher for the Braves right when they hauled themselves out of their several decade-long losing streak back in 1991, had also been drafted for the NHL right out of high school. This I did not know, although it's probably common knowledge to those obsessed.

According to the AJC article, Glavine "...has been working his way into skating shape this winter by coaching his sons' youth hockey teams." He was expected to join the Thrashers in full uniform at the Duluth Ice Forum (ahem, 2 miles from where I sit right now) "...at the end of practice for some drills." Maybe he can bring some good to the Thrashers, too!

I might need to sneak out of work to see if this crossover-sportist will sign my son's baseball card!



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Good all-around athletes

It's kinda disappointing, isn't it? It might be nice if they were only good at one particular aspect of one particular sport, but it seems that athletes with skills at that level tend to be pretty good at sports all around. I'm enough of a sports geek to know that Glavine was a serious hockey prospect growing up and I knew that he had re-signed with the Braves, but I didn't know about about him working out with the Thrashers. I'm sure that's some great training. I also knew that John Smoltz was all-state as a high-schooler in Michigan in both baseball and basketball and seriously considered going to Michigan State to play college hoops. He still shows up at a few games a year to cheer for the Spartans. And he's a scratch golfer who might well be a competitive golf pro when he--if he ever--retires. A few years after I graduated high school, my alta mater won the state 4-A basketball championship with a team that included future University of Kansas and NBA player Danny Manning. But that team's MVP was a guy named Haywood Jeffires, who also went pro--10 seasons as a wide receiver for the Houston Oilers in the NFL. Nobody ever said it was fair. :-)

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