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Band of Joy on Tour '11: Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, and Darrell Scott

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Old folks boogie... I like them all individually and they're doing some neat stuff together. Recent UK performance of "Houses of the Holy":


15-show eastern US mini-tour starts next month, and three of them are in NC:

Tour Dates:

1/18/11 - Asheville, NC - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
1/19/11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Peterson Events Center (University of Pittsburgh)
1/21/11 - Ann Arbor, MI - Hill Auditorium
1/22/11 - Toronto, ONT - Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
1/25/11 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
1/26/11 - Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theatre
1/28/11 - Mashantucket, CT - MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino
1/29/11 - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
2/01/11 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
2/02/11 - Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
2/04/11 - North Charleston, SC - North Charleston Performing Arts Center
2/05/11 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre
2/07/11 - Charlotte, NC - Ovens Auditorium
2/08/11 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium
2/09/11 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium

The shows won't be cheap I'm sure, but I go out so occasionally that it seems OK if I think about it as a special rare treat. I'd rather give them the money than spend $100 to watch a jumbotron at a sports arena with 20,000 of my closest friends as the Eagles or U2 recreate their greatest hits on a stage too far away to see with the unaided eye.

Plant was on the World Cafe last week talking about it. The original Band of Joy was the blues and soul group that he and John Bonham played in before they were invited to join Led Zeppelin, and it sounds like he intends for this to be an ongoing thing with all members contributing.

He said that the best part is playing with his bandmates, who aren't in music for anything but the music. He poked a bit of fun at them for getting frustrated about not playing while he's off for three weeks making appearances and talking to people about the shows, but says he's doing it because "I really want to put this thing on the map."

He says that they've gotten him to enjoy things like doing sound checks, where they'll work out new ideas that "we might need that in January when we become real writers." And that's exciting because his bandmates are some of the best songwriters going right now.


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Small Venues

Thanks for mentioning this. In the video at first it seems like the musicians could be playing a huge arena somewhere, but when the camera pans the audience towards the end you can see the more intimate setting. 

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Glad Some of These Dates Are in North Carolina

I'm interested in finding out more about these. The first one might be easier to attend but they might still be working out the equipment or other technical details. Raleigh might be good. The Fox in Atlanta for a weekend show is one of our few options. Even if I am not able to make it, I hope they have great success, and I believe there's an audience who wants to see musical performances in smaller venues, too. Thanks for keeping track of this. 

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By the time they get to those two Nashville shows that wrap up the tour, they should really have it down. That might also be the best chance of hearing any new material worked up out on the road, plus the best chance of some of their many high-profile friends stepping in for guest spots. And awesome guitar shopping...

...if you want to get all analytical about it.

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Darrell Scott from Band of Joy

Just guessing but I think Darrell might be the least well known of Robert Plant's Band of Joy collaborators. That's him playing pedal steel in the "Houses of the Holy" clip that I linked to. He's a heck of a songwriter who's enjoyed quite a bit of commercial success, and he's got a big fine voice too.

A couple of years ago I heard "Hank Williams' Ghost" on a radio station on the Internet and was just knocked out by it:



Here's an awesome transoceanic acoustic version of "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive," also done well by Patty Loveless and Brad Paisley:



Darrell's "It's a Great Day to be Alive," a pretty good hit for Travis Tritt some time back:



Singing "Satisfied Mind" with Band of Joy:


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