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Belle Isle Marathon - with a time limit!!!!

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So Detroit is hosting it's first ever Inline marathon - on a traffic free island named Belle Isle, on May 27th. I have so far only skated twice this year, DIY has been calling as we get ready to sell our house, and there is a 2 hour time limit. So do we think I can skate under a two hour marathon with minimal training? Shawna and I are going to skate together so at leat I will have the pack advantage. It is pretty much flat. What do you think????!!!!


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How was Belle Isle Marathon?

Just wondering how the marathon was and how it went for anyone who participated. katherine? Thanks!

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we did it!

1 hour and 50 or so minutes (forgot to stop my garmin!) We stayed in our pack of 4 Shawna, Alex, Vivian and I throughout and at one point we had a paceline of about 20 behind us. Shawna and I both had meetings with the road - mine very minor hers not so.

Minor issues at the event (only one bathroom open and long line at registration). The road surface was pretty bad at some points but we survived.

Belle isle is a park which is not normally traffic free but was for this event. It is where the detroit aqaurium was.

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re: we did it!

Awesome. That sounds like a fun group and I'm thinking you'll be skating in packs together all year. I hope Shawna's ok! Please give her our good wishes and a big howdy to Tour to Tanglewood veteran, Alex (and you) and early signon for 2006, Vivian. Please give our best wishes to Shawna for quick recovery.
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She is fine - just nursing

She is fine - just nursing some road rash but we skated 17 miles on Sunday morning to check out the conditions of a trail that Vicki wants to use for a fundraising skate for building more connector trails between the Detroit metroparks.

Shawna, Vicki and Vivian should all be at the tour this year.

Walter Johnson was also at the marathon with his new knees - he did the half and Brian Shicoff was there - in front of us of course, but I guess he must have some training in considering he just did the MS 150 in Texas a month ago!!!!

It was really nice to be at an event with so many people that I knew and it was good to have the bike riders see us finishing. Some of them even stopped me to ask about the Detroit jerseys that so many people were wearing (the ones that I had made for A2A last year) they said our paceline looked good because we were all matching - planned of course, it was between the jerseys of pink tutu's but I don;t think alex would have liked the pink tutu's!!!!

Anyway a good time and great weather - it felt good to be skating again!!!

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RE: Belle Isle Marathon

Did you say 'traffic-free Island'? As in, traffic-free, all the time? Ah. Skater heaven (as long as something is paved!). I think as long as you don't outskate yourself early on in the race you'll be fine. Plus you're still young and that counts for a lot! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing some photos.
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You can do it

I was sure I replied before. Well if you're up to what you did at Tanglewood last year, no problem at all. I remember you taking off with ease whenever you were up front, even though I was not really eager to keep up and was hoping to keep our group together as well as we could (who knows if I was doing the right thing, ha). I guess Mark S is up there too to do the race. It sounds like incredible fun. Maybe next year guys. You'll give us all floor space, right? :o) Thanks for posting about this, and please follow up and let us know how it went. Skateylove, Blake

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