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Bicycle built for 24 rides for charity

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Wow, what cool stuff. I bet Dale at cyclesdeoro would love to see this! No photos in the article but I bet this is really fun and maybe even dangerous! Looks like this is in the UK, east of Sheffield along the M1. A couple of snips from the article...

The event at Rother Valley Country Park this weekend will see kind-hearted people competing on two giant bicycles to help raise funds to build a new school in a rural Nepalese community in the Himalayas.

Record breakers the Fumair Flyer, which seats 24 people, and Junior, which seats 16, will be cycling around the park's north lake on May 21 in a race against the clock.

It would be very cool to see one of these some day. Just imagine something like this making some of those downhill turns on the tour route!


Community Newswire, UK - 16 hours ago
By Ben Pindar, Community Newswire. Eight teams of dedicated fundraisers from across South Yorkshire were today gearing up to take ...

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