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Bicycle Toy & Hobby High Point NC 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

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The Bicycle Toy & Hobby training ride is usually the last one of the year, barring rain dates, and its a great time to pick up packets for the Tour to Tanglewood, so lots of riders show for this one. It's downhill out of town and uphill back into town along mostly five-lane and four-lane roads with mostly good natured motorists along the way. Out in the country, the route followed familiar Tour to Tanglewood roads in some places. A rougher surface loop proved a tough blend with the hottest temps of a T2T TR this year, but we made it fine. Many thoughts come to mind but for now, here are the photos:





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What was on the pizza?

That pizza in the last photo sure looks good! I wish I could have joined you for some of it but I was getting pretty sleepy and I don't think I could have. Always fun to see photos of the scenery and the smiling faces out there on the road.
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Ground Pepperoni, Lots of Parmesan Cheese, Some Dried Red Pepper

I had an incredible ride home, as I think I indicated, and as can be seen from the photo of the partially-consumed pie. Once everyone was gone from the bike shop, or close to it, I ambled over to Sir Pizza, scene of many happy visits in a portion of my youth where my family would drive from several miles away for a night out to eat.

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This being usually a once-per-year-or-less treat (at Sir Pizza, I mean, as Elizabeth's on Lawndale is more like once-per-week-if-we-skated), I decided to get the biggest pizza they had, with the ground (not sliced) pepperoni. Once it was ready, I asked for some cheese and pepper to go, but what they gave me were packages I thought would be not worth the effort.

I went into the restaurant eat-in section and took the top off of a parmesan cheese dispenser and sprinkled, yeah varily dumped, cheese among all of the wonderful, hot, pepperoni grease on top of the pizza. This accounts for the wonderful color variations between pale yellow, dark red and the blend, the good stuff. Then I think I added red pepper but I am not certain, and I don't see any in the photo. I may have decided just to taste the creation without the extra fire, as it was tasty already with the awesome pepperoni and other quality ingredients.

I can say proudly I ate the whole thing...but not on the way home. I probably ate 3/4 of the edges or maybe all the way around on the way home, then a bit more upon arrival, and snackies later and for breakfast. Yum!

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