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Blake and Elizabeth famous again!

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I got the Tour guide thingy yesterday and whilst flicking through you guys in their at a rest stop. No skates visable unfortunately but you are there. Hurray. And it made me excited for the Tour this year. Ia m ready to get my sponsor form out!


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Tour to Tanglewood Brochure, Skaters, Roadskater.net Team

I don't have the guide at hand now, but as I recall the photo at the rest stop is of five or six Roadskater.net team members, cyclists and skaters. It's a fun shot showing the jerseys well. It feels good that they put us in because it means they think well of us being in the event, I believe. Plus the cyclists remember who we are and that we have skates attached. Elsewhere in the guide there's a photo from the first uphill of day two and you can see skaters and cyclists grinding their way up early in the morning! Thanks for thinking we're famous. Ha! Blake
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Note to self: Smile with eyes OPEN next time. Ok I see that photo, and Larry, Beth, Erin and Artem are in there too. But there's a photo of you in there also, on page 10. And Marianne is on page 9
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Oh - I didn't see those

Oh - I didn't see those just the one at the rest stop. I will have to go back and look.
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Looking through lashes

Yeah, especially when I've worn contacts all day in the sun and wind, I barely get my eyes open sometimes in these photos. Also, at family functions, I always looked totally zapped in the official event photo, all squinty from too little sleep the night before, and putting the contacts in too early in the day. I think that photo was from cyclesdeoro.com, dale brown's site. blake

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