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A Banana A Day Keeps the Dr. Away!!

I received the following information in an email and since we are all about staying healthy and skating/biking faster, I thought I would share it with the group:

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2008 Tour To Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Dates

The training rides for "Tour to Tanglewood" are about to begin in a couple of weeks. These rides are all well supported, generous rest-stops, sag wagons, and of course great people. It is a good way to hone your skating or biking skills depending on your particular preference, and you are supporting a great cause and helping people who can't skate/ride like we can. 

 Below is a list of upcoming rides from the National MS Societies web site listing the events. Mark you calenders and come out and meet some wonderful people in our community.

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Tour de Lions 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate Report

The weather couldn't have been better for the anniversary of my returning back to skating. The crowd at this event is always welcoming and friendly towards skaters, I was amazed at the number of people who couldn't believe a person could travel that many miles on skates.
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Many Thanks to Mearthane Products Corp.

After the past several years of exposure to the cheap asian (read China) imports that have been flooding our country. And the mindset of disposable that has embedded itself into many of our minds. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to contact vendors, corporations or whatever when I have a problem with one of their products.

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A great big thanks to Nistevo LLC and Matter Wheels!!

I wrote an article on a problem I was having with wheel wobble, wheels running out of balance. I seemed to have more of a problem with Matter wheels for some reason. I emailed customer service for Nistevo, a company owned by Julie Glass, that sells Luigino racing products and Matter wheels. They told me to send them the wheels I was having a problem with so they could check them out. Josh Haagan told me up front he couldn't promise me anything but that they needed to have the wheels in house to see what was going on with them. Today I received brand new replacement wheels from Nistevo.

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Liberty Ion Avenger Inline Speed Skate Frames Review

I have not had much time to log sufficient miles on my new Liberty Ion frames to really give an in depth review. But with the warmer NC weather the past couple of days, I have been able to log about 20 miles on them.

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Question about Inline Speed Skate Wheel Wobble

I am hoping someone can help me solve a major dilemma. I have noticed some of my wheels have developed a severe wobble. It doesn't matter which location I put them on the frame they still wobble. I checked the frames out today and the axles are all inline, surprisingly very much more than I would have thought. So i have ruled out a bent frame. I align my frame with the heel being centered underneath my heel and the front of the frame coming out between my big toe and second toe. This ligns up with a lot of the articles I have read on frame alignment, so I think it is pretty close.

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Cornering Technique Inline Skating Video with Bill Begg

Bonttv has put back online the second in a training with Bill Begg video series. This video shows the proper cornering technique with Nicole and Wayne Begg, as well as Bill giving commentary. For those who are working to improve their double push Wayne gives an excellent example at the end of the video.

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Winter and Skating Technique

Summer has been trying to hold on here in central NC so I have been taking advantage of it as much as possible and skating whenever the weather permits. I have been using the time to work on my technique and hopefully building a good solid base for next summer.

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Rolling in Randolph Review: 50-Mile Skate (Bike Ride)

This was a day of many firsts. The first time anyone has skated in Rolling in Randolph, at least I am pretty sure from the reaction we got from everyone, the first-time Roadskater was represented here, and 50 miles for myself. Blake and Elizabeth met me on a chilly morning as everyone was busy readying themselves for the skate/ride. Many bicyclist showed up for the event, some from as far away as Pittsboro and Charlotte, most of them to ride the century. That is quite an accomplishment on any kind of self-powered wheels. We made some new friends and everyone had a good time.

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Stretching for Speed

I ran across this link to Bont's site the other day on a skate forum. I realize many of you may already be doing a lot of these stretches in your warm up routine, but many of the new people to skating and this site might find a stretch or two they could add to theirs.


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