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A2A 52-mile 2010: Race with Friends Johnny Chen's Athens to Atlanta 2010 Report

I planned to skip 2010 A2A to focus on Texas Time Trial.  The cycling training went down the toilet because of work.  I did the minimum preparation to skate A2A.  It’d be another nice skate with friends.  I would go hard for 38 miles then stroll to Atlanta like 2009.

I checked the confirmed list and didn’t find the right group to skate with.  I was unlikely to have the speed to hang with the chase group for 38 miles.  I saw John Charbonneau and Monique on the 52-mile roster and decided to skate with them.

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A2A 2009 38-mile race + 51-mile group skate

After skating Ragbrai 2009, A2A called my name.  My body wasn’t conditioned to go hard for 4+ hrs.  I was uncomfortable on Atlanta’s rough flats without a Chuck.  I signed up for 38-mile. 

The long hills and the number of skaters made time-based goal impractical.  I sought ways to win the 38-mile race, which included Dillon and Chance Martin.  They were among the top skaters of their generation and raced as teammates for Powerslide.  I averaged 1 practice per week, usually short and unfocused.

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Ragbrai 2009, skate across Iowa

Biking across Iowa was added to the to-do list during my limping year, and I’ve been lazy to deal with logistics.  A team spot came up for Ragbrai 2009 (http://ragbrai.com) through a co-worker.  All I had to do was showing up with bike and sleeping bag; I jumped at the chance. 

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A2A 55-mile skate -- Sunday morning fun skate went out of control

The Texas Flyers had planned to send a team to 2005 A2A [which was canceled that year --roadskater].  I wanted to participate in the worst way.  I was too weak to skate at the time and started to ask skaters to go to A2A.  “Don’t wait ‘til you’re ready.  Go while the event exists.”



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Montreal 24-Hour Inline Race Report

2 Texas Flyers, Biff and I, skated Montreal 24-Hour last weekend (http://inline24.com/). Skatey-Mark got 2nd in this event last year.

Smooth road surface.  Each relay team has up to 10 skaters. Laps are 2.7 miles; team members take a lap usually every 1 to 1.5 hrs. Or if you're going through midlife crisis, you can skate the 24 hours all by yourself. Below is my very wordy story for the long ass event.

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Texas Road Rash Inline Skate Marathon 2008

I had 5 skate practices in 2008. Practice #2 and #4 went badly.

I signed up for half marathon since 5k wasn’t offered. I packed the camera that I hadn’t skated with since Euroroll 2006. Time flies.

TXRR has matured and runs like clockwork under Richard Littrell and the City of Round Rock.

Saturday Elimination (11 laps, last man out)

Game plan:

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Texas Flyers at the inaugural Houston Inline Marathon

It was a fun and relaxing weekend with a nice hotel.
Wish more skaters were there.

photos by Shelley Kautz:

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2007 a2a 38-mile race + 49-mile cool down skate



Duane and I signed up for the 38 mile event toward end of the season. We had fond memory of the smooth pavement, chain-towing puppy, missing road, and gator back from our 2003 Texas Flyer team skate. I had vague recollection of the last 49 miles: insufficient hills, rough pavement, and a lot of traffic-basically things I can find in north Texas.


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Ironman, the Melodrama: A Diabetic Brother, Oprah Winfrey, a Herniated Disc & an Ironman Challenge

A few distant friends asked why I quit inline racing. To make a short story long, below is the answer.

Ironman the Journey

I looked at the freshly opened gel pack: is it gonna make me puke or save me from meltdown? My lower back ached at mile 7. 19.2 miles go to. This Ironman thing was hard.

"Midlife Crisis. I can't afford a Porsche."

"Lost a bet."

"Can't find Tour de France on active.com."

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Inline Skating the Hotter'n Hell 100 Wichita Falls, Texas

Hotter'n Hell 100 is the biggest bike ride in Texas. To finish full distance, the rider needs to get to Hell's Gate at mile 60 before cut off.

In zone 2, I skate 14 mph on smooth pavement, 9 mph on rough, and 7 mph on the really rough with fresh legs. Mathematically, I need to average 12 mph to make the gate.

Below is my event report:

HHH 2007

Unfinished Business

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