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Report from 2010 MSFits MS Charity Event June 19th 2010

Team MSFits is a Research Triangle Park, NC cycling group that has grown to such a size that they now put on their own events to benefit MS, about 6 times a year.

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Zenni Optical is a good source for prescription sunglasses

Frustrated with the very high cost of prescription sunglasses I opted to check out www.zennioptical.com and found some really good deals, especially on performance shades.  My dilemma is fuzzy sight at distances over six feet.  Close up reading distance is fine.  Is that far-sighted or near-sighted?  I don't know,,,,can never keep it straight.  I just know that further = fuzzy.

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Report on the 2009 Raven Rock Ramble Cycling & Inline Skating Event May 3rd 2009 in Apex, NC

With a nasty weather system slowly pushing across Texas days earlier, and finally making it's way to the western part of NC on the eve of the event, this year's RRR seemed 'iffy' at 6am.  I made the 'go call' at about 7 and arrived at the venue by 7.45.  Unfortunately any other skaters made a 'no-go call' making this a solo skating effort.

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Inline Skate/Boot Comfort Secrets Sorely Needed: Fix Rec & Speedskate Blisters, Ankle & Foot Problems--Socks, Heat Molding, Pads

In getting ready for the 2009 skate season it's become apparent that a little extra skate comfort could go a long way.  I remember finishing the 2008 Tour de Kale and wishing I had chosen the 25K instead of 60K.  Now granted - much of the pavement was rough, hills were steep, my pre-skate and event nourishment was lacking, etc. but after finishing, my feet were angry and my skates and I were not on speaking terms for the long ride home.

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2009 Inline Skate Calendar of Events for the Roadskater.net Community will be helpful

Here it is.......New Year's Eve 2008, and time to plan for 2009 skating events.

A quick check shows: 

  • Great EsSkate in Miami FLA on the weekend starting Friday 2/6/09; 
  • Tdk in Denton NC on Saturday 6/20/09; 
  • A2A in Athens GA on Sunday 10/11/09; 
  • T2T as TBA;  (plus training skrides)
  • Carolina Century as TBA

As the premier online inline group :-)  could we get more indepth confirmation on the above and add to the list with any and all events?

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inline skate wheels - decisions decisions -

The wheels on the skates wear down and down,

down and down,

down and down,

The wheels on the skates wear down and down, all through the day.


Okay, so my wheels are showing visible signs of wear and have seen numerous rotations.  It's getting close to 'bite the bullet' time and get some replacements.  Plus thanks to the nice people at roadskater.net, I was able to completely save a set of bearings that seemed lost to an unplanned rain skate.

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Nude Inline Skating in Portland Oregon by Gennifer Moss may sweep the nation

Just when you thought your regular skating workouts were risky enough, here comes a woman that not only doesn't don any safety gear, she's sans clothing!

And evidently skating or biking in nothing but your birthday suit is legal in Oregon.

The puns and skating double entendres are flying so fast I'm getting neuron overload.

Let's hope other states are not so lenient, otherwise T2T and A2A would be downright unbare-able,  or would that be bare-able,,,,,,,,,,not sure.    ;-)

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Labatt's Blue 2008 USA Hockey Tournament in Wake Forest North Carolina was a HUGE success

This USA Hockey tournament took place at The Factory in Wake Forest, NC.  and turned into a 5 game affair.  I played on my buddy Dave's team (Neighbor Boy) and we only had one hiccup all tournament long.  Too bad it happened in the last period of the championship game.  ARG!

The first game was late Friday night versus the Back Nine guys.  It couldn't have gone better.  We had instant chemistry and played a rock solid game, winning 5 - 0.

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Hurricane season runs from June to November - keep track of storms

Skating events can take it on the chin when tropical systems bring their wrath. 

Keep an eye (no pun intended) on these systems with the following link.  It's packed with info.

http://media.myfoxtampabay.com/myfoxhurricane/ plus don't forget www.accuweather.com  for great local weather details.

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Autobahn skateboader hits 60+mph in downhill skate stunt

You'll be amazed at how smooth skateboarding on the Autobahn at 60+mph can be!

check it out for yourself  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piIpz1tewEg  , one pebble, one twig, and this ride would have ended much differently.

I can't imagine how fast an inline skate stuntperson could go.  Faster perhaps?

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O Jerseys, Jerseys, wherefore art thou Jerseys?

It won't be long now.  The much anticipated Roadskater.net 2008 jerseys should be here fairly soon.

What color will they be?  Any guesses?

Will the mysterious Blake give any clues or will he continue to play it close to the vest like an enigmatic world series of poker player, wrapped up in infinitely stealthy 'Blakeness?'

Only time will tell.

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2008 Tour de Kale Denton North Carolina cycle + inline skate event

Woooo-Weeeee,  the multitude of colors in Blake's Tour de Kale Speed Map reminds me how steep some climbs were and on a few of the descents as well.  Why is it the ascents were twice as frequent as the descents - I still don't get that.

After reading his quick paragraph I had to chime in:

Ya right, you couldn't keep up with me.....likely story.  I fell for your evil plan - hook, line and sinker:   "oh, MikeB, you've trained with some fast No.Raleigh skaters.....we're probably holding you up, I'm sure your fast, don't let us keep you."

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Tour de Jordan Lake and Tour de Falls Lake: New Events for Roadskater.net and the Triangle Skate Club?

Okay so maybe these events are not of the official organized variety but the possibility exists. (Originally posted June 19, 2008 @ 7:05pm)

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