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Speedskater Blair Speaks Out on SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence)

Many face the problem of loss of control of our various systems as we grow older. Sometimes it's just aging and we must live with it, but often if we talk with others about it we can learn they've gone through something similar and how they've learned to adapt or find a cure. Sometimes exercises can help, general exercise, changes in diet, things like that. Sometimes a simple medical procedure can help affect a cure. Don't leave it or hide it, ok? If nothing else, ask people here! Blake  

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Inline skater dies - Edmonton Sun

This ties in with the discussion of wearing helmets. We'll never know if he would have been saved with a helmet on, but I feel I have been saved serious injury more than once. Our thoughts are with friends and family of this fellow. ~ Blake
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Joey Cheek USA Today and Two Audio Snips

Here are a few new links for Joey Cheek. The USA Today article is some of the same stuff as before, but also mentions his choice to go to Princeton. He also talks about his crazy celebrity and the situations he's in because he was first in the Olympics in a race. Notably he mentions George Clooney and the Dafur rally in DC. The link is here...

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memories of us cup stage four bensalem pennsylvania (pa) 2001

After some talk today on InlineNC, I decided to look through photos of a fun, cold, miserable, happy day in Pennsylvania, documented in photos on roadskater.net classic, with links from there. Perhaps later I'll come back and insert the photos...Blake

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Lines for a Dejected Webmaster

A friend I've yet to meet face-to-face wrote about a new project that touched on some things he had built, and several people were working on. There's a rush on the web to build various connective tools, some for commerce, some for community. In any case, there's a race to skateflavor these tools, or cyclify or whateverify...to customize them for an audience. So the battle is do you make it first, or do you make it the best you know how, or some other way that reflects your slightly or greatly different values. He wrote with a mixture of happiness and sadness about this, not meaning anything negative about the new project, as it seems great. But he sounded ready to destroy his own creations or end some of his efforts. It sure is tough to see others have ideas you had and wanted to implement, even tried, or are still trying to develop. So here's my reply and a manifesto for the new roadskater.net.

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Michel Beaudoin's Ice Blade Spin Machine

I could swear I skated with this guy in the Montreal Defi some years back, but you know I think that's probably a false memory. In any case, this is a neat little article about an interesting device, if only for the photos of old washing machine devices and of this blade bender. Being from NC I don't know that much about ice speedskating of course, but that's one reason i read this. I think the article is not the best translation, but I was able to follow along. I have a friend who collects Russian cameras based on German designs, and I could see him eBaying these some day!

Michel Beaudoin: «The Spin Machine allows people in barely any ... 
Speed-Skating.net, Canada - 1 hour ago
Based on the same principle of the old spin driers used for laundry, the Spin Machine is used to give a curve to speed skating blades. ...

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Shani Davis Presents Illinois Speedskating Awards

Great news that Shani Davis is encouraging skaters of all ages by presenting these awards to Illinois skaters winning best in state, among them Melissa Koenig, Michael Koenig, Emory Lehman, and Patrick McCarthy. Four Oak Park athletes receive awards

Wednesday Journal
Four Oak Park athletes receive awards 
Wednesday Journal, IL - 3 hours ago
... All four skaters are members of the Franklin Park Speed Skating Club. US Olympic speed skating medalist Shani Davis presented the awards. ...

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80-year-old Skates Cones and Downhill Skiing Competitions

Ha! I love to hear of folk older than me still out there inline skating. At the recent great free SkateDC weekend, we met a guy who's going for 87 miles this year at Athens to Atlanta (A2A). I can't recall his age, but he's in his 70s methinks. I had met Jim at Miami GreatEsskate a few years back. I'll see what I can find out and we'll follow his progress! Anyway, the guy in this newsie is 80 now it seems, still skiing in downhill cometitions too! Enjoy, Blake

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Skaters and Cyclists Win Golden Gate Park Saturdays

Congratulations to the cyclists and skaters (and walkers and runners and more) of the Bay Area for winning a six month trial period of car-free Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. I read there was some serious opposition, and one editorial said this was against the will of the voters as expressed several years ago. Of course, voter opinion changes over several years dramatically sometimes. In any case, I'm glad and hope to enjoy this some day! Here's the article...

JFK Drive In Golden Gate Park To Close Temporarily
NBC11.com, CA - 59 minutes ago
... argued that Saturday closures would allow families and children to walk in the park, and would let bikers, joggers and people rollerblading exercise and enjoy ...

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Skater enjoys Spirits of 1906, San Francisco

I love the quote and the name in the context of commenting on musical performance...robins sing, madrigals are to be sung. Can it be their real name? A nice article celebrating a day of remembrance, honoring the seriousness of the history but enjoying the day out nonetheless. Another person out on skates enjoying life! Thank you! Blake

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It beats the bus: Teenagers have to get around...Montreal

Just what I needed today! A bunch of kids from Montreal talking about why they love to skate, their mishaps, fun, and this from one...

"However, she draws the line at going to the movies, because she prefers to dress nicely for the cinema and doesn't want to be "all sweaty."

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Inline Skating with a 55-year old Mom of Three

Here's an article that's a nice read because it feels so personal, so real. It's not edited into oblivion, just the voice of a skater, right or wrong, and thus still has the feel of a real person. It's a good reminder that we enjoy a sport with a built-in childish sense of joy. Of course all can benefit from wrist guards and helmets, especially adults, in my view, and we go in any weather and worry about the bearings later...when we feel like it that is...Blake

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Joey Cheek In Washington for Darfur Rally

hi there...here's my first "blog it now" post from a news item. we'll see how it goes. i don't know if the links will come with or not.

looks like joey cheek is meeting some new contacts while he goes about helping as he can, converting celebrity into awareness.

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A New Roadskater.net

Welcome to Roadskater.net, "the skating, cycling and charity magazine you can create!" Please click stuff! See what happens! Check out http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=start-here-how-to-use-roadskater-net. Read all you like, but to contribute, we ask you to join first to help foil junkbots. And don't worry, the 15,000+ photos and movies from http://roadskater.net/index.htm are still there waiting. Skateylove Yes! Blake

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