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True Inline Cafe post here, nothing whatsoever to do with skating...

I think it was last Thursday or Friday when I watched most of the old comedy The Mouse the Roared on TCM. It's a really funny film, with Peter Sellers giving terrific performances as three different characters. But I didn't recognize who the female lead was and I looked it up on IMDB.

It was Jean Seberg as it turned out, and I barely recognized her name. There's a great quality to those candid black-and-white publicity photos from the 1950, and I was especially struck by those 10 from Jean-Luc Godard's À bout de souffle (English title: Breathless) which I've never seen.

Judging from her bio, Seberg had a pretty tempestuous life as an American beatnik in Paris, dying rather young in pretty sad circumstances. One quote I found attributed to her was, "Money doesn't buy happiness. But happiness isn't everything." Which kind of sums it all up I guess.



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The Walls are Watching Plus Kubrick Sellers Satire

Hey that's great that we have an Inline Café posting that is so completely about life outside skating. We want more! I think of these when driving or skating but can't seem to remember later on what it was. Everyone, please share your knowledge and experience.

As for the photos, how can I like anyone who can wear horizontal stripes and get away with it? And now we know where Mia might have gotten her 'do. It was the page boy cut I think, popular everywhere white patent leather zipper boots were sold.

Hey, in 3 of those, someone in a photo on the wall is watching her while she faces toward the photo somewhat. That's if you count the movie poster in the street outside the cinema. The one of her is pretty spookycool: "Hey! Get your hand off my blouse!" In another, with eyeglasses raised, a hip cat in the back of the café looks on a bit unfocused (yes I meant it all ways). Nice set pics. The lighting's not so grand on the one where she sits on the edge of the desk (probably molding her boots).  

I thought on of them (with smoke) was a bit Winona Knightly but maybe I'm off on that.

The Mouse That Roared was one I liked when a kid methinks, where a tiny country wages war on the USA so it can get war reparations afterward, or something like that. But it must have been when I was very young, as I couldn't even remember there was a woman in that movie! My favorite from the IMDB group for Seberg is:


Even as a youngster I enjoyed the absurd plot that pointed out the utter absurdity of life at the time where fear of nuclear attack was a constant hum in the background, even if only heard in quiet moments. There's a link in that idea to the Kubrick Dr. Strangelove film in which Sellers also played three parts.

As an aside, after tracing the history and conjecturing on the meaning some long time ago of the band, Pearl Jam, following a previous name that might be related in nature, this leads me now to believe that the President's name, Merkin Muffley, might be a dirty joke...but I'm not sure, and not sure we should get all the way into that line of questioning here. However, note his character's name in Ghost in the Noonday Sun, and it seems within the realm of possibility.

I wonder if the novel was written before John F Kennedy's death but after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Momma.

Later in PS' career, I liked Being There. I think I liked it later in my life, too, not when it came out.

Kubrick and Sellers seems like a cool combo of which we needed more. Now I've gone back to watch the trailer of Being There, and notice a slightly discofied theme from 2001 as the backing track. It's a pretty funny trailer.



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