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Centenarian Completes Metric Century, Sets Record on Velodrome, 300 Laps, 14.4 Miles per Hour Average

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Well just in case we needed to be inspired (or depressed?), a guy over 100 years old skated his age in km at a velodrome in Lyon, France in just over four hours and seventeen minutes. This is good stuff! This is good news for a rainy afternoon with no outdoor skating likely on this day, with a2a.net 87 miles of skating less than 9 days away. I'll be slower than the oldest people out there, I'm sure! Some of those dudes are fast! But I am looking forward to it. My Forerunner 305, however, is showing signs of not wanting to be awake that long at one stretch. A fix, hopefully, is on next week's agenda. 


French centenarian wins 100 km cycling challenge - Chicago Tribune -

Yahoo! News (blog)

French centenarian wins 100 km cycling challenge
Chicago Tribune
French centenarian wins 100 km cycling challenge. Email · print. French centenarian Robert Marchand speaks to the media after he set a record for the fastest 100-year-old to cover 100km (62 miles) at the outdoor Tete-d'Or Velodrome track in Lyon ...
100-year-old man sets cycling recordYahoo! News (blog)
100-year-old cyclist in France rides 100 kmThe Seattle Times

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Inspired, definitely.

Great news story! He certainly raised the bar on "You can't do that at your age!". 

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They Tell Me That at the Buffet

Seriously, the jalapenos. I don't mean the jalapenos tell me that. Well, not usually. 

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