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China, South Korea, Netherlands Strong in Speed Skating at the Harbin World Winter Universiade (University Games) Photos

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There's a whole lot of skating going on in Harbin (Haerbin) China. I've been following some of the stories and looking at photos this week, without a whole lot to say about it, since I don't know much about these young athletes. 

Here's one way to find some good stuff...



Following are some samples that link to the articles and several photos for your educational purposes.

One of my favorite photos is this one, which shows a skater doing crossovers against the pull of the giant rubber band (or something!). Awesome.

Ginormous Rubber Band for Speedskating Crossover Training

Skaters train ahead of World Winter Universiade includes several nice photos.


Here's one photo from a different set.

Check how the weight of most of the body is inside the circle of both skates, on the outside of the skate blade. 

Using gravity on the outside edge around a turn when speedskating



This skater cocks the ankle to the inside. Some do; others keep it straight.

Check out the inside ankle of this speedskater.

Wow, this looks like incredible form to me. Aerodynamic, balanced, using gravity on the outside edge of the inside blade.

Making the most of aerodynamics and the outside edge around a speedskating turn


Hope you enjoyed the links to the xinhuanet.com website. They've had some decent coverage of this developmental event.

China dominates women's 1000m, Holland reigns on long-course speed ... - Xinhua -


China dominates women's 1000m, Holland reigns on long-course speed ...
Xinhua, China
25 (Xinhua) -- The penultimate day's competition of speed skating saw Chinese women again excelled in mid distance while the Netherlands repeated reign in the men's long course at the Harbin Universiade here on Wednesday. The gold and bronze medals of ...
China dominates women's 1000m speed skating at Universiade Xinhua
Former world champion Luo sees hopes for China's speed skating in ... Xinhua
China rests Yu, Ji more for strategical reason, says senior official Xinhua
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China's Dong wins gold at women's 5000m of speed skating in 24th ... - Xinhua -


China's Dong wins gold at women's 5000m of speed skating in 24th ...
Xinhua, China
Gold medalist China's Dong Feifei (C) and her teammate silver medalist Fu Chunyan (L) and bronze medalist Poland's Luiza Zlotkowska pose for group pictures during the awarding ceremony for women's 5000m of speed skating in the 24th World Winter ...
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South Korea's Mo claims men's 1000m speed skating gold - Xinhua -


South Korea's Mo claims men's 1000m speed skating gold
Xinhua, China
Mo Tae Bum (C) of South Korea takes a photo with his compatriot Lee Kang Seok (R) and Polish Konrad Niedzwiedzki during the awarding ceremony for the men's 1000m final of speed skating in the 24th Winter Universiade at Heilongjiang Speed Skating Gym in ...
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China dominates women's 1000m speed skating at Universiade - Xinhua -

China dominates women's 1000m speed skating at Universiade
Xinhua, China
25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese women skaters again excelled on the oval here Wednesday as Japan's Nao Kodaira came out the only foreigner in top five of the women's 1000 meters speed skating at the 24th Universiade. "The host's duo, who finished 1-2, ...
Former world champion Luo sees hopes for China's speed skating in ... Xinhua
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We Are the CHAM... OK Hold It Let's Keep Cool

While the Dutch coach of the women's speed skating team was openly optimistic, the other officials and coaches avoided the "we are the champions" attitude that is so often ridiculous at every little ball field and gymnasium here in the US. The meaning of the word, champion, has been severely diluted, and especially the meaning of the phrase, champions of the wuhld!

THE BAND, QUEEN, SINGS: "We are the champions, of the zip code..."

For once, the coaches and officials of the China speed skating team are saying, yes, it's great we won plenty of Universiade events with good competition, but we only won the women's events and we didn't face the absolute top ranked skaters from some countries. We still have a lot of work to do to place in World Cup and Olympic circumstances in long track. We had one track record where World Cup events have been held, so that is a legitimate top rank result. Otherwise, good job, but let's not get crazy and think we're there. 

Of course, all of that doesn't fit in a song very well, but it sure was refreshing to hear the Bobby Cox (Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball Manager) approach to post-event interviews. When they win, Bobby seems to find what they need to do better and talk about that. When they lose, Bobby seems to point out the accomplishments within the game. I think it levels the team well and is part of their long-running success under his leadership. 

    Dutchwoman Sijtle van der Lende, the first ever foreign coach of China's national speed skating team, is among the ones who hold a super confidence on China's long-course skaters.

    "I think my team can now say themselves one of the best teams in the world," she said after the host being crowned the women's team pursuit.

    "They trained under me for no more than three weeks, and I believe that these girls will be much better should they go training next year all the time."

If they only spent three weeks with her they must have had some great coaching and training already to do so well. It makes my head spin to think how good these skaters must be. But others were much more cautious and perhaps less irrationally exuberant, and perhaps protective of the athletes' long term avoidance of burnout. 
    "I have to say that the foreign coach has been over confident," said Xiao Hua, director of the Chinese Winter Sports Administrative Center's speed skating department.

    "It's still now hard for the Chinese long-course skaters to make top 20 finish in world-class tournament, say nothing of winning a medal at the Winter Olympics."

If you get a minute, read what the Chinese coaches said. They're serious about long track, and they're serious about the long view.

China keeps cool with universiade harvest on speed skating - Xinhua -


China keeps cool with universiade harvest on speed skating
Xinhua, China
26 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese speed skating team kept in low key after having savored an unprecedented victory in the Harbin Winter Universiade. The host collected five gold, eight silver and three bronze medals in the speed skating competitions just ...
Canada to battle for team gold at Universiade Vancouver Sun
China reigns women's, S Korea edged in men's team pursuit at ... Xinhua
China embraces Universiade after 60-year development of winter sports Xinhua
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