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And well should it be! Ok now I don't think that skoarders should grind marble steps or damage property, but I also don't think reasonable non-violent enjoyment of skating or skoarding should be outlawed either. When we pass a bicyclist on the road while driving, yes it can be a concern, and a delay. SO WHAT! We're so out of touch with farming, most of us, and wildlife, that we think we should go 7-to-whatever-mph over the speed limit and never have to wait for anyone. I remember waiting for a tractor to get where it was going or a deer to make its way out of the road, many times. Really, kids on bikes and kids on skates need to be safe and wear the gear, like their parents do, but can't we let people enjoy exercising outdoors some without having to cage it or confine it?

I really loved that quote at the end of the article, as it's brilliant, but what a shame to be sending kids out of downtowns! Why not build the skatepark downtown? In any case, there's very little sympathy for roadskating even where bikes are tolerated, so we need to represent the adult side of skating well (adults do), and kids just keep skating and smiling and don't let us old people who've forgotten how to enjoy exercise get you down. Do no harm, that's the thing. Do your best to love your sport without damaging someone else's stuff. That's where some of the problem comes...benches and rails and steps.

I love how the article has contradictions, perhaps explained by different jurisdictions: "But skaters often break laws by road skating on the way to the park, he said," then later, "Trespassing laws already cover skating on private property, but skating on city streets or sidewalks isn't illegal."

But I ask, are these kids doing drugs, getting drunk, beating people up, stealing? If not, can you go catch THOSE people and run them back out to the suburbs?



Janesville Gazette
Cities see small success in corralling skaters
Janesville Gazette, WI - 26 minutes ago
... "We did have a lot more skateboarding and rollerblading on the streets in the downtown area," said Whitewater Police Lt. Lisa Otterbacher. ...


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