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Coke + Camelbak

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Some time ago, Skart asked on the Skweight Management thread:


"Another question. Did anybody try flat Coke or Pepsi as an energy drink in their camelbaks? I can just see deluted Coke and Elite water making a pretty good combination"


I was going to let Blake tell his story, but he's been busy with the jerseys, and other things. In May 2003 he skated 80 miles on the Silver Comet Trail, west of Atlanta. He wrote his account and posted it to InlineNC. If you're a member of inlinenc, you can get to it here:



Here is an excerpt:


"i had in my mind that once i got to mile seventy-five or so it should all be
pretty much over. the ashphalt would kick in and i'd just cruise along. this of
course was not so, for i felt depleted again and stopped at a convenience store
to grab whatever struck my match: snickers, green gummy sour stuff, four boxes
of lemonheads, and a cherry coke.

i shook the coke a bit and dumped the gator to mainline the cherrygunk.
starting out drinking cherry coke from the tube was yum incarnate. i only hoped
i had defizzed it enough. and i had not! so the lower tube of my pack blew out
and pretty soon i had cherry crack instead of cherry coke! oh well, i fixed
that while still rolling along, and with all the sugar in my system i made it
with dispatch to the trailhead, turning around to do and extra half mile so i
could legitimately claim an eighty mile day."




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flat coke

That's great!


We were actually talking about Coke again at last night's social skate... Artem got the idea of just buying Coke syrup and mixing it with water (instead of carbonated water). Then he could adjust the mix as well, thinking that perhaps diluted a bit would be better than full strength.


As an example, you could get something like this: (Red Bull clone)



5-gallon bag-in-box of sryup, normally meant to be diluted 5-to-1, so it makes 30 gallons of soda at full strength... 35 gallons if you diluted it 6-to-1 instead. Not bad for $25... I couldn't find any "real" Coca Cola products in my quickie google search, but I think those run somewhere around $50-$60 for 5 gallons of syrup.


Although it's probably not any cheaper to buy it that way than it is to, say, buy 2-liter bottles when they're on sale. Then you'd have to un-carbonate it before dumping it into the Camelbak though...


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