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Cup-N-Cone, Apex NC 7/25/09 Bike Ride

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Any more Info, website, how to get there, skaters welcome?

I was wondering if they have skaters do this one (I think I recall so), where it is, costs, route challenges. Anyone have info? Thanks!
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Apex roads are smooth and gentle but this ride does not go through Apex. If the route has not changed since last year, then any route over 30 miles goes over the steepest hill in the area. I believe some skaters got to 40+ mph going down that thing last year. Also, keep in mind that, although, Green Level Church Rd. and Lewter Shop Rd. were repaved earlier this year, they have been made into a pretty coarse gatorback (not that they were much better before they repaved them). This would make it about 5 miles of gatorback each way (for 10 miles total). It is a great event and besides the gatorback all roads are really great but keep in mind that it may challenge some... That said, I will be there :-)
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Thanks for the note on the fast hill...a question

Thanks for the info skart, and great seeing you at TdK. It's possible I remeber that hill of which you speak. Is it a fast one that sweeps down and right with a road coming in from the right near the saddle of the hill? If so, that might be a bit worrying without a spotter at the bottom. Again, I'm not sure that was the hill; it could have been on one of several skrides I've done over the years...just askin'.
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I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a road coming in from the right. I was referring to Lystra Rd., which is fairly safe as far as traffic goes - no major intersections, no stop signs at the bottom of a downhill, etc. It's just a 3.29 miles hill with 381 feet of climb (116 feet per mile).
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Thanks for the specific info...I was wrong it seems

Thanks, skart, for the update and claification. I felt bad asking because I didn't want to disrespect the ride, but wanted to know. Sounds like a good one. Dale has it on his calendar so that's a good sign too.
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3.29 mile hill?!

Really?! That's a huge hill for not being in the mountains! So you go *up* it? Or is that the really fast downhill Mark mentioned? I think the longest downhill I've even done is just over one mile. Either way, sounds like something I'd like to do.
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Well... It's pretty steep in

Well... It's pretty steep in the beginning of the hill but then it turns into a false flat for a couple of miles. I will attach the elevation profile that gives you a better idea of what it is... The ride goes up and down this road...


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Nice graphic!

Crikey! Yeah, it looks veritably formidable, either up or down. The little shadow on the top adds a nice, foreboding touch :-)
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Actually, I thought that the

Actually, I thought that the shadow on the top is where it touches the sky :-)
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Also the hill numbers might be more dramatic

We've also found that mapmyride.com or mapmyfitness.com and similar elevation profiles are more dramatic for shorter distances, such as on this one, perhaps just for the mile of the hill. We were playing around with elevation numbers for a hill we climb in Stone Mountain and it had 20% sections if we just showed the hill, but these numbers dropped of course as this hill became averaged in to other sections...quite properly and accurately. Still it's neat stuff and worthwhile indeed.
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A better one :-)

Here is an elevation profile of the steep part of the hill... I like all that purple color...


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Now that's what I'm talking about with changing the x-distance

Yep that looks like major hillness, whomever he is. That's a tasty bit of graphery, amigo. This is a hill you get to do in both directions as I recall someone saying? I assume the route is an out and back or a lasso. Thanks for more info. Sounds interesting indeed.
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40+mph huh?

Let's do it. I'll be there + a couple others. It could be a large time and look forward to it!
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i'm planning on being there

I know, I've said it before and had to bail... But I really am planning on doing Cup & Cone. This may be my first time for this particular event (I think I've always had conflicts in the past.) Here's the event page: http://www.mseventsnc.com/ Registration is limited to 750... Not sure if that's been an issue in the past. I'd like to do th full 67-mile route if anyone is interested in a moderate (maybe 11-12 mph) pace. If I can't get any takers, I'll probably do the 48-miler... - SM -

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