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Davidson College Long Track Speed Skater Earns Ice Time and a Job to Help with Training near Charlotte North Carolina

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While he might want to do a little more research on long track skaters from the Southeastern USA, I am glad to hear that Erik Ducker, 18, is getting ice time and work opportunities to keep him going as he trains to qualify for the USA long track speed skating team. I'd love to share some of that ice time, but I doubt that will happen! I'd need to get some ice speed skates and gasoline to get there of course!

The folk in Charlotte might be interested to know that in the Triad, we have been known to have a fast (or a slow) skater or a dozen in Greensboro and High Point. Maybe Joey Cheek and Heather Richardson qualify as fast people from the Southeast.

But we had not heard of Erik before either, so no worries. I hope we will, and that he loves North Carolina as much as we do. No doubt, he should get a decent education and it sounds like he can also pursue his long track dreams too!

If you do any road skating, Erik, come join us for some training with a purpose as we raise money for people with MS in the Tour to Tanglewood and Carolina Century.

Regarding Joey Cheek, he's doing well it seems, traveling in nice circles (laps?), but getting some objections to his ill-timed (at least for her) breakup with the daughter of a sharp-dressed man. See more about Joey, including the judgement machine and your chance to go to his conference on being a young elite athlete, at these links...

Georgina the victim of a bad camera lens here. Seriously, I see so many of these red carpet or pose in front of the logo shots taken by cameras that are not meant for the task, or not good for it. The rich and famous can handle it, but the rest of us, we need all the help we can get! 

Joey can help you find a sports agent in sunny San Diego...(ha the first time I wrote that it was Sad Diego...sounds like a good book or band name. 

Good luck navigating, Joey. We're pulling for you and your attempts to do good for those who need it most. You have already done much for Darfur, I am certain.


Davidson College Student Nationally Ranked in Speed Skating. - FOX Charlotte -

Davidson College Student Nationally Ranked in Speed Skating.
FOX Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, NC - Speed skating is a sport you don't really hear about in Charlotte- but did you know there is a nationally ranked speed skater right here? ...


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Ice Time

"I'd love to share some of that ice time, but I doubt that will happen! I'd need to get some ice speed skates and gasoline to get there of course". This is something I feel a compelling need to try. I have been waiting for the opportunity to present itself that may be closer than either Florida or one of the North Carolina ice rinks (yes Florida! They even have ice speed teams in Florida!).

I have inquired over the years at the local Thrashers and Gladiators rinks, to see if they had such a thing as a speed team. They don't and probably won't unless one of us makes it happen. We are welcome to group together and pay for rink time, and we'd have to somehow find the right skates and a coach for hire. But I have no party-planning skills at all so this project never sees the light of day.  

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Such a Small Space

Yeah sure it is worth doing, but I have to say I must not be good enough at skating to enjoy this. A 400-meter track sounds well worth it, but I confess to finding smaller venues confining, especially with lots of better skaters there, ha. The combination of better skaters with out of control and not even trying types makes roadskating seem pretty safe sometimes! :o)
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Perhaps easier?

I agree with you. I don't particularly enjoy indoor inline skating...and I'm sure that means I'm just not doing it right...mostly because of all that messy friction between the wheels and the floor. On ice, however, turning seems to happen at the speed of thought and is therefore not only doable in a tight space, but less dangerous for me. Everything seems easier to me on the ice. Doesn't mean I'm necessarily good at it either, though.

I'd LOVE to skate at FlevOnIce. Some cornering required but nice long stretches available too.

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