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Davis Junction doctor pursues his speed skating passion - Rockford Register Star

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Davis Junction doctor pursues his speed skating passion - Rockford Register Star

Sure, there were skating parties in Retzer’s childhood, but his true love affair with skates didn’t come until he was in his 30s with young daughters at home. Then, he bought Rollerblades for himself and his daughter.

“Something clicked in me,” he said.

It wasn’t long before Retzer’s competitive side weighed in, and he began doing inline speed skating competitions. He trains with the Rockford Road Scholars and has competed for the past 20 years in places from Minnesota to Georgia. Some races are marathon-length.

Others are nearly 100 miles over hilly courses.

In good weather, Retzer skates daily and logs about 2,000 miles a year. He’s been clocked as fast as 43 miles an hour.

Just your basic small-town personality piece about a local physician, except that he happens to be an avid roadskater and A2A veteran. And he's also branched out to long-track ice speedskating, the Milwaukee oval not being too distant from northern Illinois, which is something I've really wanted to try myself.

It's rare enough to see inline speedskating/speedskaters covered anywhere, let alone a roadskater. I thought it was worth a mention.


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Hoover settings

Nice to see a decent-sized blurb about an everyday skater (who's otherwise a doctor!). 

I had an appreciative laugh at the asthma description of sounding like a 'Hoover set on deep shag'. Although you might not want to say that in England.

Looks like he did A2A between 2001 & 2004, but I'm sure that's harder to arrange now with a small child at home.

Yes I do envy those living near long-track ice facilities.  

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Road Scholars is a great moniker for Road Skaters

I like the name of that inline squad. That "something clicked in me" is pretty much how I'd put it. The first days I skated I pretty much knew I'd be doing it more than the people who got me out there. Time to get back out there and get ready for the fall (of the year). Oh for a 400m oval, indoor or not. Oh for a really big place to skate indoors ice or roller! I always dreamed of converting that huge Sears warehouse in Greensboro, but that's folly of course (meaning it might be great for an institution large enough to afford it, like the Louisiana Purchase, or Alaska).

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"Get ready for the fall"

Hey that's a triple-outdoor-roadskating-pun! 

It would be nice to buy the Sears warehouse for 3c an acre.

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I was going to say 3 cents per acre but...

...then I would have had to mention that Adventure of English BBC program(me) again. Eight episodes covering from the development and spread of English (briefly) over the last 1500 years since the Celts were pushed to the edges somewhat mostly or so. The discussion of the Loozeeanna Poichis is where we came up with the 3 pennies an acre. Glad you got the fall (knock on wood) reference. 

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Waiting for the Fall

I was thinking along the lines of delaying the set-down skate and using gravity for some extra energy. Delaying the set-down skate also encourages a longer glide on the support leg during that particular stroke. In theory that should economize energy over a long distance. Much easier on the flat! I can't imagine being able to accomplish that at Country Park. 

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Delaying the Fall is Good in So Many Ways

As we get ready to spring forward our clocks, delaying the fall is good in lots of ways. I don't know if delaying the fall would economize energy for all, but for those with balance and perhaps lighter weight (or better power to weight), perhaps. I surely know not as all can tell!

(I want to add my best wishes for the people of the Pacific today.)

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