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Davis wins 1500-meter Ice Speedskating World Cup Race, Heerenveen, Netherlands

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Shani Davis continues his winning ways and certainly is close to taking a season win as well. No time to go into this now, but he's really doing great. Also Kristina Groves of Ottawa seems to be doing well lately. Not sure on the timeliness of these as they reference different locations. Gotta go! Enjoy...

Davis wins 1500 speedskating World Cup race - USA Today -

Davis wins 1500 speedskating World Cup race
USA Today - 4 hours ago
HEERENVEEN, Netherlands (AP) — Shani Davis of the United States held off the Dutch challenge to win the 1500-meter speedskating race at a World Cup meet ...

[Speedskating] Groves skates to WC bronze medal - Canada.com -

Groves skates to WC bronze medal
Canada.com, Canada - 6 minutes ago
Kristina Groves of Canada cruises to victory in the 1500 metres during the world all-round speedskating championships in Hamar, Norway, yesterday. ...

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