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Derby and Other Quad Skaters Skate Across Nebraska for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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I don't know the technical details of their journey, but their cause is good, and this group of skaters are representing their sport for charity. You go girls! 



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They look like a bunch of skater buddies having a good time and making a contribution to boot. I let my imagination run away with me when the video showed glimpses of a paved-trail in conjunction with this skate across Nebraska. I thought for a minute that perhaps there was a paved trail across the entire state!

But then there's a clip of the group skating on the road with a support car behind them, displaying a nice, big 'Caution Skaters' banner. So I wonder how much of it was on the road, and how much they were able to do via pavement?

I like their sense of humor. 

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