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Ditty-Bopping Across the Country

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A vocal duo called the Ditty Bops are currenly on a cross-country summer tour, and they're doing the tour on their bikes. Great idea!

Reading closely, they're accompanied by a Dodge Sprinter van to carry gear and to accomodate mechanical problems, poop-outs, feeling-bad days, and the like. I can understand that, given the cost of a missed show. But give them a gold star for making the effort. (No word on whether the Sprinter is burning biodiesel. I'd feel a lot better if it was.)

They're in Utah at last report. You can find a schedule of their show dates on their gorgeous website.

They are also keeping a blog of their on-the-road experiences and encounters, which starts with their early training rides at the start of last month. It includes details like how far they rode, what they had to eat, how many animals (alive and dead) they saw, what verbal abuse they received from passing cars and bystandars, and what songs were going through their heads while out on the road. Seems like those are things that roadskaters can also relate to, even for the non-bicyclers.

For the gearheads: Looking closely at the pictures, the bikes both appear to be Surly Cross-Checks, which are nice affordable steel-framed bikes.

For music fans: I recognized the Ditty Bops from one of the demo tracks from the South-By-Southwest tracks music festival that I saved last year. Full song available for download here and it's pretty catchy. Unfortunately the closest that they'll be coming to us InlineNC types is Vienna, VA, which is a pretty good distance away.


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Treasure Trove for iPodders

When I first read about the Ditty Bops' cross-country bike tour, I remembered that I had one of their songs as an MP3 file but was confused about which song it was. The one that I was thinking about was "The Littlest Birds," by the Be Good Tanyas, an all-female trio from Vancouver. Both great songs though.


I thought I'd mention, especially for those looking to discover new music and to fill up their iPods and other portable music devices, what a good source those SXSW demo songs are. Favorite for me, by a lot, is Mary Lou Lord's version of the Bevis Frond song "The Wind Blew All Around Me." Another gem is Amy Rigby's "Why Do I.". And my first exposure to the delightful Seattle band Visqueen was this song. I still don't know much about Milton Mapes other than that it's apparently a band from Austin, TX, and not just a guy's name, but there are obviously some Neil Young fans in there and this song just rips in a Rust Never Sleeps or "Cinnamon Girl" kind of way.

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