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English Fashions

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Home. Home again. I like to be here when I ca-a-a-an.

Shopping in Bournemouth today and I notice women of all ages from 18 to 60 all dressed in similar clothing styles. There are no "Juniors" or "Misses" sections in the clothing stores. It's all mixed. Consequently, women my age (45) aren't doomed to safe outfits like twinsets and slacks or to certain stores. I saw a £100 pair of bright blue Doc Martens I would've liked to buy, and a whole load of other outfits I'd like to wear. But I'd only be able to wear them here because if I wore them in Georgia I'd be accused of being a cougar.

Hoping to dodge the showers tomorrow and head over to Old Harry Rocks (Handfast Point).

Computer time is limited this time around but I hope to note more pseudo-foreign observations soon.


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Hoping You Have Fun But Not Too Much Fun to Come Back

Ha good to hear the shopping has commenced! Blue shoes seem good. I had some blue and silver Verducci V-Tecs I loved! Right now might not be a good time to remember V-Tecs for you though, after the Tour de Tammy, Athens to Atlanta (A2A) and Carolina Century pain. I bet Olympic souvenirs are starting to be at a nice price?! I remember when the Atlanta Olympics tees hit Walmart in Greensboro. I had to have one, of course, so I could be a poser (though I did run a lap at the track one night after a Braves game in the old round stadium when the paralympics were still on but done for the day...snuck in through a tunnel). 

Anyway I am sure the beach is cool and misty and nice for those who grew up with that! Hope you get a nice day to obambulate. 

What were the outfits you liked like? Knowing you I am sure they were not "revealing" or any such, but am assuming they were just stuff that only young people get away with wearing in the USA, maybe not always because of the cougar accusation/compliment. But it's interesting you found things you'd like to wear as this happens seldom in stores here if I am correct. 

Seen many bikes, skaters, boarders?

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Substantial Footwear

No it's mostly just sturdy, warm footwear and boots that are made for miles and miles of daily walking. If you don't wear boots here, you are a tourist.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this. I think it's just so rare that I actually see clothing that makes sense, so when I do, I get excited about it and want to study it. I want to ask people their thought processes behind deciding to wear those pants or shoes and that jacket. Many people are wearing hats but as of yet it hasn't been cold enough to warrant the colossal static hair mess, for me.

It snowed in England yesterday. We froze our butts off in London yesterday, doing the Eebee & Kids' Haphazard Surprise Tour, where we literally stumbled upon The National Gallery, The Golden Hinde, The Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, and my son bought shoes in a Carnaby Street store called The Office (but Boots is a Pharmacy). I imagined the scene if I showed up anywhere in Georgia wearing these. Carnaby Street was decorated with a Rolling Stones theme. As we passed Southwark ("Suth-ukk") Cathedral, some bell ringers were pealing up a storm. We stopped into Pizza Express on the Thames and caught some fireworks going off behind St. Paul's.

Took a National Express Coach (bus) from Milton Keynes to Glasgow today. 8 hours. The Lake District peaks are already snow-capped. As we crossed the border (didn't see Hadrian's Wall but did see plenty of Ristorante Adriano's and the like in Carlisle) I noticed the sun was going down on the horizon. An hour and a half later it was finally dark! That's some twilight.

I brought my sunglasses but even on the sunniest days I don't need them! The sun is further away than in Georgia, apparently.

It's Guy Fawkes Night tonight so my sister set off some backyard heat-seeking missiles. I don't believe they sell these industrial-strength fireworks to the general public in Georgia! Besides, the grass here is already damp and frozen, so I don't think they are too worried about the big black scorch marks on the lawn.

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Those are some high heeled boots

I doubt you'd wear those due to the heels, right? But yes, it would get attention, and some people couldn't help being threatened or judgemental, I guess...like some are when they see skaters.

But many others would think, wow, I that's cool, and are inspired, like the lady on Vance Rd during Carolina Century, who I was sure was going to say something negative, but she said, "I wish I could do that!" I of course said, "You can. Come on and join me!" or something like that.  I think you had just caught up to me again in the miniSAG car? It's all fuzzy because it was a leapfrog thing and I was a bit stressed going up that long hill on Vance Rd. 

You can (barely) see the lady talking to someone (way in the distance on the hill) here...

Lady talking to man on the hill in the distance on left.

Hope you bought some clothes you like and took pictures of clothes you liked, too. It's fine to post them here, but you knew that! 

It was a good time to be there with everyone partying for Guy Fawkes and in a good mood, hopefully. 

I assume they had wifi on the 8-hour bus ride? Outlets for the phones (that'd probably be too much without being in some business class section). I think the PART buses that go from city to city here have wifi, but I think you'd better have a good battery when you start. 

Sounds like a fun trip. Bet you saw some skaters! 

Oh I see on the right sidebar that Bradley Wiggins had a bike crash. You didn't see him, did ye? It's a small country, you know? 

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