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Ezee fit booties

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We discovered these ezee fit ankle booties last year and LOVE them for blister prevention - especially with stock boots. They are a neoprene anklet that you wear under your socks to take up all the little gaps and give you some cushiness between your ankles and those hard carbon fiber boots. I recommend them to anyone with blister/discomfort issues.


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Ezee fit

I googled them and found ezeefitsports.com. Do you wear them with your speedskates? Do you feel a ridge underneath your foot where the bootie ends?
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That's the correct website.

That's the correct website. Yes I wear them with my speedskates and they are a squishy neoprene fabric so you don't feel a ridge where they stop. They come in different thicknesses depending on the fit of your boot - we all wear the 2mm thickness in size small. For me they make my boots feel cushier around the ankle and I think that they definitely help in blister prevention (rubbing between skate-sock-booties instead of skin. They are quite a tight fit so some of the challenge is in getting them on and off (you can kind of roll them up before putting them on). I have noticed that after a while (a season) they get thin in the pressure areas so it is probably worth replacing them. They go in the washer and dryer with all your other skate stuff for easy washing and rewearing. OH yes and they make you as fast as Kim Perkins (apparently!)  
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For what I spend in wrap

For what I spend in wrap during the season, these will be a great investment for me, Thanks!!!


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ezeefits are awesome

I know this was posted in June, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents... ezeefits have saved my feet the last 2 years. I will NEVER skate without mine... I bought a pair for my son and encouraged my sister and cousins to buy sets for their skates too. I religiously had blisters on the arch of my foot since I was little and when I used to speed skate all the time. It never failed. It was kind of a trophy I used to show off to show my determination in skating. On one hand, I lost my trophy, but on the other hand, I haven't gotten a blister since I bought them at the 2004 expo at A2A. I swear by them.

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