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First Skating After Carolina Century 102

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Nothing earth shattering here. Anybody still skating or training?

I finally made it out to Greensboro Country Park for the first skating after Carolina Century. So that means I've not skated much since Athens to Atlanta, as the weeks between the two events are mostly about getting the CC ready. How would all that non-skating affect me? 

Well, first off, my heart rate when I put the strap on was 130! Now, I've seen in the 120s for an event where I'm in a hurry or have a lot of responsibility, lots of people in town, all that. Most of the time it's under 100 getting started at Country Park. 

I got there without much time before dark, so I set minor goals. I just did a couple of laps (5k), and really was only out to enjoy it. What I noticed was:

  • my nagging injuries were not there;
  • I could feel how my frames' positions were putting pressure on the boots and my feet;
  • it was nice to not be "training";
  • my lap times were not as bad as I had expected...in the midrange of what I do;
  • my balance was good;
  • heart rate quickly rose to mid 150s, then leveled at 160 or so, but kept going up, maxing at 173; the 1st lap avg was 155 (sustainable for me), and the 2nd, 167!
When I finished I didn't feel overtaxed at all but would likely not be able to sustain the 160 average overall for very long. It's very nice to just go and experience everything outside the context of pressure to do any particular kind of training, and going with rested feet helped me feel some things I might try with setup and maybe even technique.
Country Park was nice, and they've done some work on the edges of the road there to level them somewhat and to make it easier for people to walk there if they want to get off the road for a few steps to accomodate drivers or cyclists or skaters. Perhaps they are preparing for some paving, but not sure how much I'd count on that. Just make sure you don't mistake the new gravel edge of the road for the road itself! And I hope the gravel doesn't get kicked up too much onto the road. I recall that being a problem on the American Tobacco Trail.
The weather was good but got cool quickly, and the days sure end early right now. 


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2nd Roll Post CC102

OK. Great weather in the 70s today. I got out late as usual. So theoretically my max is 190 but I haven't tried to reach that in some time, and haven't done any other tests in a few years, yep. If max hr decreases with age by 1 per year, then it's probably lower. But that's an if. If I take 190 max and guess at 50 resting, then the diff is 140, so 14 beats per 10% between. That means 90% of available would be 14 less than 190, or about 176. That does feel about right as a figure for 90%, which I guess should be doable for a few seconds to a minute when needed. 

Having said that, today I made it to 176 and I wasn't chasing speedkids at a roller rink. 

I started just before 4pm, and figured I'd probably just do 10k (4 laps).

Starting hr was 122, still high. I was up to 158 by 3 min. Lap times were average to 30 secs faster. Avg and max hr for the 4 laps: 


So unless I've really cranked up my abilities by not skating, these should be unsustainable numbers. Only once this year did I sustain 160 for an hour, and that was early and totally flat. I need to look back at prior events, and hour long training sessions, but I doubt I'll find anything over 156 sustainable. I'd say these averages are more like my maxes before Tanglewood or A2A, when training gets harder because of Tanglewood team and Carolina Century duties, as I've said, likely often. 

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Day 3 Post CC

Whew. I had a chance to join a slow bike ride but decided I was not sure I was ready to be on the road again with the numbers stated above. Maybe it was laziness! It was tempting to go as some of the CC vols were out there. Finally I opted to eat 2 hamburgers then go skate fun style. 

When I got to Country Park, I remembered it was 11/11 and thus there would be some ceremony at the war memorial there. It was no problem as long as I avoided the times people were being shuttled in. On lap 2 or 3, I waited while the national anthem was in progress. 

The data here is cheater data, as I call it. In other words, the time I spent going to the car trunk to get a drink of coke (!) or sport drink is trimmed out. Why cheating? Well my heart recovers, of course, during this process. So the numbers are lower because of that. 

Except for the 5th lap, where I was rolling along with a longboarder who was trying to sneak in some time, my lap times were within the midrange, I'd say. 


Lap 5 was 14 minutes, but my average still stayed up at 149, so I'm not rebounding very quickly (usually don't). Laps 1 to 4 were increasing in peaks until I started goofing off.

Why goofing off? By the 3rd lap my muscles just felt like all the juice was gone. Maybe digesting the hamburgers was dipping into my strategic reserves! It was worth it. Cook out small burgers, grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, sliced pickles, yum. Not exactly training food, ha.

Anyway those are my notes for later, except to say that the little injuries are still not there, and balance still good, and I'm working a bit on keeping my ankle back in the pocket of the boot (nothing too focused), and enjoying not needing to look at or work for times (the Forerunner is good enough to not have to try to remember any data if you don't want to). 

Oh let's see, what else...

  • 2 kids who had been helloing back several laps as they rode their bikes, with their younger brothers I guess, set up at the bottom of the long hill on either side. This was strange and I didn't figure it out right away. I hear a parental bark of concern, but they were grinning. They had set up a mime operation and were pretending to hold a rope across the road, pulling back and forth alternately. Pretty well done and I told them so! Now if I had thought it were a real rope: not funny. 
  • One gentleman older than myself (he probably 60s, 70s) asked me a number of serious and well asked questions about skating. He knows quads and skiing, so I told him no problem, mentioning that K2 skates would be a good starter if he didn't want to go for carbon speed boots. Of course I told him he needs a helmet (probably one with good back of the head coverage), real wrist guards long enough to protect from a break, and optional knee and elbow guards. He was interested in the braking as well, and I of course told him not to start at CP or anywhere not dead or drainage flat. I didn't get his name but hope to see him or get email from him to help get him started. Last year's hero of the park started skating in his late 50s and is enjoying it lots, along with mountain biking. 
  • Lots of leaves fell overnight, as the road was clear yesterday. Today it was hard to see in the 180 where the surface is multilayered. Glad I know where the good spots are, but it was still tricky. 
  • I told the longboarder about the Anniston AL to Smyrna GA longboard day. He seemed starry eyed like many of us when we first heard about Athens to Atlanta. I asked if anybody made a leash like surfboarders wear...saying that would help him get the signs down from the park maybe that discourage skateboarding. I said to be considered a different device...not for tricks...with a tether (to keep it from hurtling down the road if it got away, for example) might help them allow him. I also said demonstrating skill and care and saying hello to everyone (several times) probably would help, too. I told him how we were banned before 4pm for a while and how that all worked out. 
  • There were lots of kids with bikes as usual, and more than usual with razers/scooters, and they seemed to be having great fun. 
That's it for Day 3 (of skating) post CC. 

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