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Fluoridated Tap Water and Hypothyroidism (Fluoride in Drinking Water, Low Thyroid): Bottled Water or Filtered Water Better?

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I have been hypothyroid for about 23 years. I have been on the meds for it since 1994. I am in the middle of untangling the whole mess, and trying to fix it myself rather than sit and take the misinformed junk conventional doctors try to impose on me. I thought I'd make notes here in case anybody else may benefit. This is a very common ailment and (I believe) triggers a domino effect of other auto-immune problems. Or at least they are all interrelated somehow, because when I find a natural cure for one (edema), it usually eliminates another (asthma).

This is a massive subject with very informative and long-standing websites available. Here's a good one to start with:


Recently I signed up for a good old-fashioned email list via the above-mentioned site, and got instantly way more info than I could handle. After the first fifty or so emails that day, I switched to digest version. Then I got FOUR digests that day! This ailment is chronically mishandled by conventional medicine. 

The shortened version of my hypothyroidism:

- Diagnosed in 1992

- 1994 Started synthetic meds for T4 hormone only (since conventional medicine completely ignores the other three)

- Meds needed to be steadily increased from 1994 through 2012 (since conventional docs were only treating T4 and not the other three)

- 1994 - 2012 I continued to suffer from the condition in spite of being 'treated' for it (taking daily synthetic thyroid hormone), and developed a whole host of other auto-immune diseases. Great! 

- Feb/March 2012 decided to try to help myself finally after all these years, and gave up wheat (which cured the asthma, edema, weight gain and some of the migraines), soy, and all other grains or legumes. I haven't missed them.

- August 2012: am addressing the possibility of fluoride poisoning, and am looking into avoiding it wherever I can. 

Here is a resource that lists fluoride content of bottled water brands:


Pepsi's Aquafina tends to show up as having the least amount of fluoride in all the study lists I've seen. 

See how much fluoride is in your local tap water:


Regular cheap Brita-type filters won't filter out fluoride that has been injected into your local water supply. Besides, boiling fluoridated water actually intensifies the fluoride content of that water, which is even worse news for hypothyroid tea drinkers (edit: from what I understand, it's not that the fluoride content increases with boiling, it's just that the fluoride doesn't boil away at the same rate as the other parts, so if you add more tap water to already boiled water in your kettle, you'll be adding more fluoride also. I probably didn't explain that very well). An at-home reverse-osmosis water system will reduce the fluoride content in your tap water, if you can afford to get one installed, but then you're also distilling out other minerals you might want to leave in. So I guess for now I will just buy the bottled water, grow extra boobs and kill the planet.

Something called an 'Activated Alumina' water filter will also get rid of fluoride, but I don't know enough to say any more about it. 

Since doctors with degrees and lots of arrogance are incapable of actually helping me, I am picking over various online testimonies from fellow sufferers, trying non-harmful things that they have tried, and if it works for me, I consider that treatment enough for now. 

For the first time in 18 years, I had favorable blood test results in July 2012, and needed a lower prescription. I consider this proof that the no-wheat, no-soy experiment worked. 

The bad news is that my strong black tea contains whopping amounts of fluoride, as the leaves apparently soak the substance up while growing on the plant. So I'm having to give that up for now too. :-(

I might have to take up smoking.


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Forgot to mention...

Once upon a time, fluoride was used to treat HYPERthyroidism. So it'd make sense for me to avoid it, being hypothyroid.

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Study on the Fluoride-Content of Coffee

It's not all bad news, thank God. I can feel okay about continuing to drink Coffee (brewed with the lowest-fluoride water I can find). Here's what seems to be a well-organized and documented study:



It's a bit old (1996). I will see if I can find something more recent.

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Amazing Changes in Diet and Chemical Makeup

Thanks for sharing this, eebee. Many will appreciate hearing what you've learned and your opinions based on experience and experiment. When I heard you were going to give up wheat I was wondering how long that could last! Congratulations! I don't think I am ready for that, but there are times I back off of wheat a bit relative to what I used to do. Going low carb in your diet also reduces wheat, and low carb is the only way I have made an impact on weight, really (other than of course tons of exercise or even regular, small bouts of movement). Please keep us updated on fluoride, wheat, soy and more. It'd be great to have a whole house filtering system to have bottled water or better quality water! 

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