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Fun Indoor Inline Speed Skating Video: The NSC Experience

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Something to get your heart racing...or to get you wishing it were: The NSC Experience, brought to my attention on Speedskateworld.com. Not sure if this was taken with a helmet cam. At some point I lost the corners. Great song too - more suitable to this type of rink scramble than the usual adrenaline EDM. I'm not sure what those popping sounds are in the video towards the end - the camera skater dragging his wheels? Maybe he's about to lose a frame...or maybe he's wearing Bont Gen III's with cracked hubs :-D.



What else can I sit and watch instead of actually going to skate? 


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Another Skate Video with Crashes

I have to admit it's fun watching indoor skaters crash. Surely this could be an olympic sport. Indoors and out there would be plenty of crash and burn and controversy.

That helps get into the olys, right? So far, not. How about skating in bathing suits at least until the sport gets into the olys, then changing the rules like beach volleyball seems to be doing for 2012. Personally I like the indoor volleyball unis better than the beach volley ones, at least for volleyballers.


Also, check out some buttsliding that might have some training benefit (looks like a nice big place to skate). Balancing with no hands or skates down would be good fun workout stuff metinken. I like that buttskateboard but think in the park it might hurt more to buttburger on asphalt.


Then for some outdoor fun...


No, the cars behind you are not the problem unless they become the cars ahead of you! It is the cars ahead of you (and any skaters or cyclists ahead of them) that you will want to watch out for! :o)

Mix inline skaters and video cameras and behavior gets a bit over the line. Roadskaters are not all like that. But then video of us might be a bit boring and snoooozy. Some of us don't do it for the video but for what it does for us mentally and eventually, physically. Come join us.

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That second video, Secret Training of a World Champion, looks like a great ab workout, like Jelly Bellys on wheels. 

Update: seems like it's not obvious what Jelly Bellys are, other than candy. Well that's what I get for quoting a $5/hour 'account representative' from 1998 Ladies' Workout Express. That's what she called the exercise where you sit on a soft workout bench or on a towel on the floor (easier not to fall off) and bring your knees up towards your chest (legs bent), and bring your upper body forwards towards your knees. I can't find the official name for this exercise. It's not V-ups, or fold-ups. Probably some other kind of ups. 

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Thanks for the update on Jelly Bellys. Mmm. Sound good. The exercise seems like it'd work too. ButtBalanacers might be a good name but careful on any names starting with Butt, I guess.

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On wheels is probably more effective

They're kind of boring on the floor, not to mention painful if you're buttbalancing. So doing it on a skateboard (or - what was she rolling on in the video?) would be a whole lot more incidental fun, and may provide a much more comprehensive ab workout, just by having to keep your balance. I still can't find a more official-sounding name for this lumbar-friendly version of the V-up, but on iwantsixpackabs.com, I did find some wonderfully plain, at-a-glance animations for a variety of ab exercises. No videos to load, ads to sit through, or distracting dialog and outfits. Great! 

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