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Go Canada!!

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We are not as big as the US so I am not expecting a huge medal count, but I think we are holding our own.  Finally have one for speedskating! Nesbitt in the 1000m.  We will see what happens in hockey.  The Canadian Womens team is looking pretty strong!


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Canada has done well

I think Canada has represented itself well athletically. Nesbitt certainly seemed disbelieving of her 0.02 second victory! I saw most of this on the internet, then later on NBC I caught some of it on the late night coverage. Jennifer Rodriguez was in the lead at one point, so good for her.

Among the guys in the 1000, I'm glad Shani Davis won that again. He handles himself well mostly and I think he helps the sport too. I notice he got a bit of attention, but of course not as much as some of the snowboarders and skiers.

But the REALLY noticeable thing is how NBC seems to barely mention Chad Hedrick. At the medals ceremony I thought they were going to make it all the way through without a brief mention (as far as the part I heard). Good for Hedrick to take the bronze. It's quite an achievement with all those other top skaters there. Perhaps more on all of this later.

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Sidney Crosby does it again for Team Canada

Sid the Kid Crosby did it again, this time in 4 on 4 overtime play at the Vancouver Olympics.  ARG!!!

Looking at the replay, you can see him peel off the side boards and charge toward the goal leaving the defender Brian Rafalski behind at the boards, and yelling at Jerome Iginla for a pass.  It turns into a nice improv give-and-go.  Iginla delivers the puck nicely and Sid slides one along the ice with a quick release, catching Ryan Miller before he can get set.  Miller knows instantly that he was beaten 5-hole.  Game over.  Nice job for the Canadian men and women hockey teams......gold at home....sweet.  And what a great hockey tourney.  It was basically an NHL all-star team tournament where each team played for real.  Not a typical all-star game where they goof off and play no real defense. 

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I Loved Olympic Hockey and Would Watch NHL without Stupid Fights

I guess I gave away my point in the title, but I really wish NHL would get the idea that the game could be played aggressively but without the typical NHL silly fights. How refreshing it was to see big penalties handed out for unsporting play. I would be a big fan of hockey if I could watch Olympic hockey every year. It was great stuff across the schedule, even among non-North American teams. That's a game I could really love. Those skaters are amazing, and the rough but fair play was great.

Speaking of incredible skating across the disciplines, those Koreans can really get down on the skates...any kind of skates!

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Fights are OK Too, but Not So Much in Team Sports

Maybe there should be a team fighting sport. There might be a great future in that, in fact. And I have often enjoyed watching boxing matches (shorter ones, or those with head gear, yes I am a wimp in recent years). But I really appreciate team sports where fighting is kept out of it, even if play is rough within some basic limits. That's what I'm talking about.

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